The popular online network has vowed that it will add a smaller number of unwanted ads in user Newsfeeds.

According to the latest social media marketing move from Facebook, the Newsfeeds for the users of this network will contain fewer ads for products and services that have no interest for the specific users.

This announcement was made by Facebook as it shared the changes it would be making in its advertising policy.

This was the most recent social media marketing effort at Facebook for refining its Newsfeed ads, which are growing in importance to its overall business. According to the statement from the company, “When deciding which ad to show to which groups of people, we are placing more emphasis on feedback we receive from people about ads, including how often people report or hide an ad.”

This is social media marketing decision was made in response to the number of ads being hidden by users.

Social Media Marketing - Facebook Ads to be toned downAccording to the company’s announcement “If someone always hides ads for electronics, we will reduce the number of those types of ads that we show to them.” Facebook has been using a number of social media marketing strategies to try to make advertising more central to the user experience without actually causing its 1.15 billion users to become frustrated with the service.

This is important, as social media marketing brings in approximately 85 percent of the revenue of this leading company. It is currently injecting one paid ad into every twenty of the user’s Newsfeed “stories” and has been doing so since July.

Although large brands such as AT&T and Toyota regularly advertise using Facebook’s social media marketing, the company also earns a considerable income from marketers of products such as teeth whitening kits and weight loss systems. According to analysts, some users are not thrilled about these less than fashionable ads stuffed into their Newsfeeds.

Analyst Nate Elliot from Forrester Research stated that Facebook will need to take careful steps in its social media marketing in order to keep the less glamorous ad category from becoming intrusive and that it might be better off leaving them over in the right hand side where they have previously been found, while the Newsfeed remains reserved for higher quality advertising.