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What mobile marketers are saying about QR codes

They may look qr codes technologyblack and white, but you need to find the grey area to get the most out of them.

If you have been looking into mobile marketing or even if you simply own a smartphone, then the odds are that you will already have seen QR codes for the first time, and you may even have scanned a few to see where they lead.

These mobile barcodes are popping up in advertising, signage, and product packaging everywhere.
The reason is that QR codes can quickly, easily, and very inexpensively help you to better engage with your customers. These simple black and white squares can be the key to bridging the gap between an offline and online interaction with a consumer.

With a properly placed barcode, you’ll encourage an individual to scan to find out more about your company, brand, or product. Then, provided you offer the smartphone user something relevant that he or she considers to be worthwhile, then you’ll be able to create a call to action and achieve very positive conversion rates.

The trick is not to mistake QR codes for a simpler way to enter a URL into a mobile device.

Though QR codes are a way to allow a smartphone user to simply scan and be automatically directed to a link, it shouldn’t simply be a pathway to a website. Successful use of these barcodes is dependent on engaging the customer, not simply presenting a web presence.

The following are a few of the most vital points you should consider if you want QR codes to help your business grow:

• Make sure that they link to a page or site that is mobile compatible and optimized.

• If they are being used for a specific promotion, link the barcodes directly to a page about the item, event, or service being advertised.

• Give the consumer a reason to scan and pay attention by offering an exclusive deal, such as an offer, mobile discount coupon, or other opportunity. Offers to obtain something for free or to save money are the most successful use for QR codes.

• Make sure your contact information is available, including click-to-call and a feature to find the nearest location. Once the consumer is interested, you don’t want to discourage him or her by creating a struggle to find you!

• Provide relevant and useful information in step by step “how-tos” or even video instructions demonstrating how your product can be used.

QR codes can be implemented rapidly and without great expense. They can be worked into existing packaging, signage or marketing materials and, as long as you give consumers a reason to scan, can make a significant difference to your business.

QR codes regularly scanned by 4.5 million people in the UK

QR Codes Mobile Commerce UKMarketers now need to use these barcodes for more than just pushing content.

According to data from an Ofcom study, more than half of smartphone users in the United Kingdom regularly scan QR codes and perform other tasks with their devices while they’re out shopping.

It also noted that 21 percent of shoppers use their devices for scanning barcodes.

This means that over one in every five consumers in the U.K. are scanning the QR codes that they see in advertising, on product packaging, and in other locations, in order to obtain more information about the products that they are considering for purchase.

As there are 25 million British people with smartphones (as penetration of these devices has reached 51 percent in that country), considering that one fifth of them are using QR codes on a regular basis, this means that 4.5 million people in the U.K. are regular scanners while shopping.

The implications of this heavy use of QR codes should not be overlooked.

Marketers and retailers alike should recognize that this presents a tremendous opportunity, and that the odds are that the number of users will only skyrocket along with the ever rising penetration of smartphone devices. Though NFC does still hold a great deal of potential, it is QR codes, and not near field communications, that are currently changing the way that British mobile consumers are engaging with brands.

Experts in the industry, such as Laura Marriot, the CEO of NeoMedia, believe that QR codes are now on the cusp of a time of rapid expansion, and that as an increasing number of verticals are starting to notice this trend, the importance of the barcodes to marketing will blossom.

The key is for marketers to understand that it is not simply a method of providing content to consumers. In fact, this tendency is doing more harm than good for the overall health of the use of QR codes. Instead of simply providing the barcodes in order to allow consumers to scan them and view a website or a page about a product, it is being recommended that they be used for a much more appealing and action based purpose.

Experts are encouraging marketers to use QR codes to share discounts, promotions, offers, and other attractive benefits that will encourage consumers to continue to scan, and to use what they receive in order to make a purchase