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Technology news from LG brings a flexible OLED panel to life

The company has been working on a tech that will allow an 18 inch panel to be rolled into a 3cm tube.

LG, the electronics giant, has just confirmed the technology news that had only been rumors until now, that it has been working on the creation of panels that are paper thin and that can be rolled up into a tube as small as 3 cm (just over an inch).

The company has already unveiled a flexible OLED screen that is 18 inches with a 1,200 by 800 resolution.

According to the technology news release issued by LG, the OLED panel employs a “high molecular substance-based polyimide film.” This is a step away from plastic, which is the current standard. It also gave the ability to make the panels considerable thinner and provided a 30R curvature radius, so that it would be considerably easier to bend than the current materials that are standard.

The company also expanded on this technology news with another display, this time a transparent OLED.

Technology News - LGThe new LG transparent OLED display features a transmittance of 30 percent. The transmittance makes reference to the amount of light that can pass through a screen, with a current standard transmittance of around 10 percent on the TV displays that are currently on the market.

According to the senior vice president of LG, who is also the head of its research and development center, In-Byung Kang, “LG Display pioneered the OLED TV market and is now leading the next-generation applied OLED technology.”

He went on to state in the company’s technology news release, that LG Electronics is confident that within a span of 3 years from now, they will have completed the successful development of what he called an “an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel,” that will be greater than 60 inches and that will have a transmittance that is better than 40 percent. He also stated that the curvature radius of this device for the near future will be 100R. The outcome, according to In-Byung Kang, will be that this will help the company in “leading the future display market.”

NFC technology enabled LG washing machine to be controlled by smartphones

This will allow users to be able to change their wash settings through an app and a tap.

Although when it all comes down to it, washing machines are pretty basic, but they are also extremely essential to our lives and are now becoming, quite high tech, as is the case with the NFC technology enabled appliances being unveiled by LG.

This latest release was announced during a technology event attended by LG.

LG brought the NFC technology compatible washing machine to InnoFest 2014, where it made the appliance’s first introduction to the world. The fact that it supports the tech drew some considerable attention as smart devices and home appliances become more common and appealing to consumers.

NFC technology will help people to load new programs into their washing machines.

As it stands, the appliances will come with a number of presets from which users can choose so that they can decide what temperature they would like to use for the water, how much water to use (that is, the size of the load), how many refills or spin cycles are needed, and more. For instance, if the user only wanted a quick wash, then the washer may be set to spin for only a few minutes, whereas a longer wash would require more refills and spins to remove the water.NFC Technology - Washing Machine

With the near field communication compatibility, users will be able to download additional programs and their settings onto their smartphones, and then simply tap them against the washing machine in order to load them into the appliance. This simple feature for added connectivity also gives the users of smartphones to be able to keep on top of any potential minor issues that the washing machine might develop, through the use of a Smart Diagnosis feature.

Aside from the additional programs that can be added by way of NFC technology, and the smartphone compatible diagnostics feature, the appliance appears to be a relatively standard top of the line washing machine. It comes with a number of the latest top features such as steam softener and steam refresh, as well as allergy care.