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Mcommerce index ranks J.C. Penney in top 10 position

mcommerce jc penneyKeynote Systems has watched this considerable improvement but believes that the retailer could do better.

Since the start of the year, J.C. Penney has seen a considerable upswing in the movement of its mcommerce website on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, having added icing to the cake when it made its way into the top ten spot last week.

In the week ending on January 27, the retailer leapt upward by five places.

That week, Keynote ranked J.C. Penney in the tenth spot. This is a considerable improvement over its rank at 21st, which it held at the start of the month. It also helps to show the difference that the department store chain has made to its mcommerce site in order to improve its overall performance. It has been implementing a range of different improvements to the website in order to provide consumers with an improved overall experience and better its score on the index.

The company made significant improvements to its mcommerce site in two critical areas.

These areas were in its successful load time, and in the percentage of times that it was able to fully load successfully. In the most recent week that Keynote issued its ranks, it reported that the J.C. Penney mcommerce homepage was able to load successfully 99.5 percent of the time. The week before, its percentage of successful loads was 99.24.

Furthermore, the retailer was also able to shrink the amount of time that it took to be able to successfully and fully load the homepage. Last week’s average loading time was 9.25 seconds, which was measurably lower than its 9.31 seconds average from the week before that.

While this represents a tremendous improvement in the performance and rank at J.C. Penney’s mcommerce site, the Keynote Systems report did make a number of suggestions that would allow the retailer to jump its rank up to the top 5 positions. They said that the primary focus should be the speed at which the homepage was loading, as its other top ten sites all have a completed successful load speed average that is between 2 and 3 seconds less than the retailer’s most recent achievement.

Mobile commerce optimized site from Victoria’s Secret slightly improves

Mobile Commerce Victoria's SecretThough load time has improved, Keynote Systems points out the need for better successful loading.

Keynote Systems has released its most recent Mobile Commerce Index report, which has revealed that the Victoria’s Secret Direct homepage was only capable of loading successfully at a rate of 97.79 percent.

This has been holding the company back on the index despite its rapid load time.

Last week, the mobile commerce index granted Victoria’s Secret its last possible position out of 30 due to its poor performance. However, this most recent week, which ended on January 20, it rose by nine places to reach the 21 spot. This improvement was almost entirely because of the improvements that were made to the load time on its homepage. Though the percentage of time that the page was able to completely load successfully, it is still far below the average on the index.

Keynote believes that site could still make a number of considerable mobile commerce performance improvements.

In this, Keynote Systems stated that the retailer should focus its attention on improving the mobile commerce site’s ability to successfully load. It did, however, acknowledge the better results when compared to the week before.

The week that ended on January 13 showed that the load time for the Victoria’s Secret homepage was 7.64 seconds. Its success rate was 97.45 percent. When that data was combined into the mobile commerce index at Keynote, it generated a low 391 point score out of 1,000 possible points.

However, during the week ending on January 20, the load time improved to 7.36 seconds, and the successful load rate etched up slightly to 97.79 percent. The result from that data mix on the index gave Victoria’s Secret a mobile commerce score of 719, which was a vast improvement.

Equally, though, while the load time – which is considerably better than the index average of 9.19 seconds – was very positive, it was the percentage of successful loads that held the site back from a significantly higher potential score. Keynote considers 99 percent or better to be the optimal range. The most recent index average was 98.77 percent. This placed Victoria’s Secret’s website far below the mark that should be its mobile commerce site target.