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Report highlights progress of US m-commerce market

New report shows that the demand for m-commerce platforms is growing quickly

Infiniti Research has released a new report concerning the state of the U.S. mobile commerce market. The report indicates that the U.S. has become one of the most active markets in the world when it comes to mobile commerce and the market is saturated with demand from consumers for new services and better mobile-centric platforms. Several businesses in the U.S. are beginning to take the mobile space more seriously and telecommunications companies are working on ways to make mobile commerce as a whole more accessible.Mobile Report - U.S. M-Commerce Market

Handful of companies establish leadership in the US mobile market

According to the report, there are only a handful of organizations that can be considered dominant in the mobile commerce market. These organizations are Isis, PayPal, Visa, and Citibank. Square is also considered to be a leader in the North American market and the company is often credited with helping make mobile commerce more inclusive of iOS users. PayPal has also helped make mobile commerce more accessible to iOS users as these people do not typically have access to NFC technology, which is used for many mobile commerce platforms.

Mobile coupons succeed in boosting mobile sales for retailers

The report shows that retailers are beginning to engage with mobile consumers more aggressively than they have in the past. Many retailers are introducing mobile coupons as a way to encourage mobile engagement. These coupons are used to boost mobile sales and have been quite successful in this endeavor as the number of people that use mobile wallet applications continues to grow throughout the country.

Security continues to be one of the most serious problems there is in the mobile commerce space

The report notes that one of the major issues that consumers have with mobile commerce has to do with security. Many mobile commerce platforms have been targeted by hackers and malicious groups that are seeking to exploit a person’s financial information. Even businesses that are involving themselves in the mobile commerce space have found it difficult to provide consumers with a secure experience.

T-Mobile makes a move on mobile commerce

Company has plans to continue adapting to changes in the mobile world

T-Mobile has offered mobile devices to U.S. consumers for several years. The company has competed with others in the telecommunications sector by providing nearly identical services that consumers have either fund to be of little value or too expensive for their taste. As the mobile landscape has changed, however, T-Mobile has been positioning itself to play a larger role in the lives of its customers, both current and future. The company has done away with the service contracts that are common among its competitors while also offering to pay the termination fee associated with these contracts for anyone wishing to find a new mobile service provider. Now, the company is looking to establish a stronger presence in the mobile commerce field.T-Mobile - Mobile Commerce

T-Mobile seeks to expand beyond Isis

T-Mobile has already entered into the mobile commerce space through Isis. Along with AT&T and Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile has invested heavily in the Isis platform, which has managed to acquire the support of most of the country’s major financial organizations as well as consumers. While Isis boasts of a great deal of promise, T-Mobile has plans that extend beyond that platform. The company has recently unveiled its Mobile Money service, which seeks to provide consumers with a new way to manage their finances.

Mobile Money service is available for free to T-Mobile customers

The Mobile Money service combines the use of a mobile application with a branded, prepaid Visa card. The service has no fees associated with it and provides consumers with a way to pay for products using their mobile device or a branded card. The service also allows consumers to add money to their prepaid Visa card by taking a picture of a check. The card itself can be used to withdraw funds from more than 42,000 ATMs located throughout the country. All of the service’s features have no fees and there is no minimum balance requirements associated with the branded Visa card.

Mobile commerce begins to play a bigger role in the lives of consumers

T-Mobile has plans to establish itself as a leader in the mobile field, and this involves establishing a stronger presence when it comes to commerce. In the past, the mobile space was primarily concerned with communication. As technology has advanced, however, consumers have begun using their mobile devices for shopping and managing their finances. T-Mobile is keen to adapt with the changes occurring in the mobile sector so that it can remain relevant to consumers.