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Mobile commerce is powering the growth of online shopping

Emergence of mobile commerce has been a boon for the digital world of business

Online shopping has continued to experience healthy growth for more than a decade, but the advent of mobile commerce has accelerated this growth in a major way recently. Mobile commerce has become a powerful force in the retail space. Consumers are becoming more confident in the mobile services they are using, which is making them more likely to participate in mobile shopping and payments. In the coming years, mobile commerce is expected to experience aggressive growth across numerous sectors.

New mobile payment services are building confidence among consumers

One of the reasons mobile transactions are beginning to become more commonplace is the launch of new mobile payment services. Apple Pay, for instance, has enabled many iOS users to participate in mobile commerce. These consumers had relatively limited options in this sector before the launch of Apple Pay. Other services have managed to find significant success among consumers, allowing them to engage in mobile shopping more easily than they had in the past.

Report highlights the US as the world’s leading mobile commerce market

Mobile Commerce ReportAccording to a recent report from Infiniti Research, the United States is home to the world’s largest mobile commerce market. The country has become a very promising market for mobile shopping, supported by the various mobile payment services that have been launched therein. Other markets show strong promise and may soon outpace the United States as the world’s leading mobile commerce market in the coming years.

China may soon become the most active mobile market in the world

China is considered one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. The mobile commerce space in China has received strong support from some of the country’s largest banks and other financial institutions. Large e-commerce companies have also shown strong support for the mobile space, hoping to engage mobile consumers in an effective manner that will allow them to find greater success in the digital world. This support has helped China become one of the dominating markets in mobile commerce.

Report highlights progress of US m-commerce market

New report shows that the demand for m-commerce platforms is growing quickly

Infiniti Research has released a new report concerning the state of the U.S. mobile commerce market. The report indicates that the U.S. has become one of the most active markets in the world when it comes to mobile commerce and the market is saturated with demand from consumers for new services and better mobile-centric platforms. Several businesses in the U.S. are beginning to take the mobile space more seriously and telecommunications companies are working on ways to make mobile commerce as a whole more accessible.Mobile Report - U.S. M-Commerce Market

Handful of companies establish leadership in the US mobile market

According to the report, there are only a handful of organizations that can be considered dominant in the mobile commerce market. These organizations are Isis, PayPal, Visa, and Citibank. Square is also considered to be a leader in the North American market and the company is often credited with helping make mobile commerce more inclusive of iOS users. PayPal has also helped make mobile commerce more accessible to iOS users as these people do not typically have access to NFC technology, which is used for many mobile commerce platforms.

Mobile coupons succeed in boosting mobile sales for retailers

The report shows that retailers are beginning to engage with mobile consumers more aggressively than they have in the past. Many retailers are introducing mobile coupons as a way to encourage mobile engagement. These coupons are used to boost mobile sales and have been quite successful in this endeavor as the number of people that use mobile wallet applications continues to grow throughout the country.

Security continues to be one of the most serious problems there is in the mobile commerce space

The report notes that one of the major issues that consumers have with mobile commerce has to do with security. Many mobile commerce platforms have been targeted by hackers and malicious groups that are seeking to exploit a person’s financial information. Even businesses that are involving themselves in the mobile commerce space have found it difficult to provide consumers with a secure experience.