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Equifax teams with Danal to make mobile commerce more convenient

Companies partner to introduce Instatouch Mobile Commerce Services for consumers and merchants

Equifax and Danal, two credit organizations, have announced a partnership geared toward making mobile commerce more convenient for consumers and merchants. A growing number of merchants are trying to capture the favor of shoppers with smartphones , many of whom are beginning to rely on their devices to purchase products online and in physical stores. Together, the two organizations will attempt to reduce the friction of mobile spending with the Instatouch Mobile Commerce Services.

Mobile Identity Suite will allow Instatouch to immediately authenticate mobile payments

Instatouch will be powered by Danal’s real-time Mobile Identity Suite, which will provide authentication services that are designed to protect the financial information of consumers using the service. With instant verification, consumers will be able to make payments in a quick and efficient manner, which will help make mobile shopping more convenient than it has been in the past. Reducing friction may help increase the adoption of mobile commerce among consumers, giving retailers new opportunities to engage them in the mobile space.

Merchants are looking for effective ways to engage consumers that are relying on their mobile devices to shop online

Mobile Commerce - PartnershipMobile commerce has been growing rapidly among consumers and retailers in recent years. Merchants are interested in engaging mobile consumers because they tend to spend more money while shopping on their smartphones and tablets. Doing so has been difficult, however, as some retailers have found it difficult to establish a foothold in the mobile commerce market. New services, such as Instatouch, could alleviate this issue, making it easier for merchants to engage consumers that are interested in mobile shopping.

Merchants and consumers are still worried about the security of mobile commerce and shopping online

While mobile commerce is growing quickly, many retailers and consumers are still concerned about security issues. Retailers will have to use services that can affectively protect themselves and their customers from exploitation, especially as more malicious groups seek to take advantage of financial information shared over mobile networks. Equifax has significant experience when it comes to security.

Zumigo launches new service to combat e-commerce fraud

E-commerce fraud could be put to rest with the new service from Zomigo

Zumigo, a leading developer of device location and identity verification technology, has announced that it will be launching a new service that could help in the fight against e-commerce fraud. The company suggests that the service will be the first of its kind, having the ability to validate merchant payments using real-time location data from a consumer’s mobile device. Such a service could go a long way in improving the security of the e-commerce field, as well as make mobile payments more attractive to merchants.

Merchants continue to combat fraud in the digital world

Conventional payment processors can confirm payments with little issue. These processors do not protect merchants from fraudulent charges, however, especially when they come in the form of charge-backs made at a later date. In the event of fraud, merchants have typically already shipped products to their buyer. If the purchase was fraudulent, then the merchant must find some way to recover the cost of the lost product, as well as the shipping costs associated with the purchase.

New service uses real-time mobile data to verify user identity

e-commerce - FraudThe new service from Zumigo aims to provide a solution for this problem. The service is designed to verify a consumer’s identity through the use of mobile billing records, which are obtained through Zumigo’s partnership with Equifax. The service matches credit card information with the mobile data that is available in an attempt to confirm that the consumer is who they say they are. In the event of fraud, merchants will have the ability to pursue legal action and recover their losses because of the information that will be made available to them.

Service may help bolster faith in mobile commerce

This service could be a boon for the mobile commerce field, wherein fraud has become a serious problem. Merchants have shown interest in embracing mobile commerce, but they are wary because of the high prevalence of fraud in this sector. Zumigo believes that its new service could spur some growth in the mobile commerce field by making it safer for merchants o participate therein.