Companies partner to introduce Instatouch Mobile Commerce Services for consumers and merchants

Equifax and Danal, two credit organizations, have announced a partnership geared toward making mobile commerce more convenient for consumers and merchants. A growing number of merchants are trying to capture the favor of shoppers with smartphones , many of whom are beginning to rely on their devices to purchase products online and in physical stores. Together, the two organizations will attempt to reduce the friction of mobile spending with the Instatouch Mobile Commerce Services.

Mobile Identity Suite will allow Instatouch to immediately authenticate mobile payments

Instatouch will be powered by Danal’s real-time Mobile Identity Suite, which will provide authentication services that are designed to protect the financial information of consumers using the service. With instant verification, consumers will be able to make payments in a quick and efficient manner, which will help make mobile shopping more convenient than it has been in the past. Reducing friction may help increase the adoption of mobile commerce among consumers, giving retailers new opportunities to engage them in the mobile space.

Merchants are looking for effective ways to engage consumers that are relying on their mobile devices to shop online

Mobile Commerce - PartnershipMobile commerce has been growing rapidly among consumers and retailers in recent years. Merchants are interested in engaging mobile consumers because they tend to spend more money while shopping on their smartphones and tablets. Doing so has been difficult, however, as some retailers have found it difficult to establish a foothold in the mobile commerce market. New services, such as Instatouch, could alleviate this issue, making it easier for merchants to engage consumers that are interested in mobile shopping.

Merchants and consumers are still worried about the security of mobile commerce and shopping online

While mobile commerce is growing quickly, many retailers and consumers are still concerned about security issues. Retailers will have to use services that can affectively protect themselves and their customers from exploitation, especially as more malicious groups seek to take advantage of financial information shared over mobile networks. Equifax has significant experience when it comes to security.