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Augmented reality owner’s manual app released by Audi

The auto manufacturer’s A3 now has a new mobile friendly guide for more convenient support.

Audi has just announced the release of its A3 eKurzinfo app that allows owners to use the power of augmented reality in order to obtain more information about their vehicles for maintenance, repairs, and an overall understanding of its features.

The app makes certain that a convenient copy of the owner’s manual is always available.

The augmented reality services makes it possible for drivers and passengers to avoid having to dig through the glove compartment and try to figure out where the information they require can be found within the grease dabbed print copy of the manual. Instead, a smartphone or tablet can be used along with the app to gain all of the information needed about a certain vehicle feature, or even about a light that has been illuminated on the dash display.

The app uses an augmented reality OBD2 scanner to identify over 300 elements of the vehicle.

While this service is not meant for making a diagnosis of a problem with the vehicle, it can help to identify over 300 different parts of the car and provide information about them. This is further supported with maintenance and how-to information.

The application was developed by Mataio, an augmented reality software company. It was created for Audi AG and uses both 2D and 3D tracking technology to allow the eKurzinfo app to provide a user with information about various parts of the car. To use it, the app needs to be opened, and then the smartphone or tablet camera must be aimed at the part of the vehicle to be identified or about which more information is needed.

The information provided by this augmented reality experience is designed to mirror what is available in the printed version of the manual. However, the benefit is that the application is designed to identify the applicable part on its own, which could considerably reduce the amount of reading and searching that could otherwise be required in order to pinpoint exactly what a part or issue could be. Moreover, the supporting information such as maintenance information helps to save the vehicle owner from having to Google it after having found out what it is, as it will already be provided.

Augmented reality platform released by Audi with Somo

Audi Augmented RealityThis new smartphone friendly experience will help users to be able to bring their brochures to life.

Audi has just announced the unveiling of its Audi Vision augmented reality platform for mobile devices, which will give consumers the ability to use their smartphones and tablets to bring the brochures to life.

The Audi Vision platform will be simple and straightforward to use for smartphone and tablet owners.

It is designed to allow the user to simply point the device at one of the vehicle manufacturer’s spring price and specification guides for 2013, and take a “picture” that will transform the printed pages of the brochure into a full augmented reality experience that includes additional pictures, video, and even more content.

The company hopes that the augmented reality experience will reflect the innovation of the brand.

According to the Audi UK national digital manager, Hugh Fletcher, “Audi Vision is the most innovative digital project we’ve undertaken to date and most importantly it supports a key developing trend in marketing; the overlap between digital and CRM. Applying Audi Vision to our brochures is just the beginning.”

Fletcher also added that over the years to come, the augmented reality Vision platform will be applied in a large number of different marketing channels, as well as to enhance both printed and digital materials, and to provide an improved in-center experience. He hopes that this will “allow Audi fans to really get under the skin of our cars.”

The augmented reality application was designed for Audi by Somo. It is available for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPads and iPhones. The global innovation director at Somo, Maani Safa, said that “Audi is leading the way in the AR sector, embracing mobile-first and placing it at the heart of its digital strategy. We are proud and excited to be helping them pioneer the next generation of digital marketing.”

When the Audi Vision augmented reality grabs onto any specific brochure that is used, it will not need a data connection after that point. This could make a considerable difference in the convenience and experience provided by the application for the consumer.