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Apple technology news event reveals a little bit of everything

From its mobile wallet to the newest MacBook and, finally, the launch of the Apple Watch smartwatch.

When it comes to Apple technology news, few headlines are more important than those that report on one of the company’s few but always highly anticipated events, where rumors are proven to be true, or are swatted out of the air.

In the Spring Forward event that occurred yesterday, the most greatly awaited news circled around the Apple Watch.

However, when CEO Tim Cook took the stage, it was evident that the most wanted Apple technology news was going to be kept for last. He opened the keynote with some facts about the progress of Apple Pay, which now works with more than 2,500 banks and that is accepted at almost 700,000 locations and even over 40,000 Coca-Cola vending machines. This was followed by a brief discussion of the future of CarPlay and HomeKit.

The Apple technology news continued with the HealthKit and ResearchKit, which it claims to be promoting breakthroughs in medical study.

Apple Technology News - Apple Watch - standard editionThe newest Apple MacBook notebook computer was announced, in a device that is lighter and thinner than ever. The keynote showed that the sales of these computers have risen by 21 percent over the last year, despite the falling sales figures in the total industry. This new full-size Mac comes in space gray, silver, and gold and is 24 percent thinner than the MacBook Air 11 inch device. It weighs only 2 pounds and is just over 13 mm thick.

Finally, the smartwatch, the Apple Watch, was announced, stepping the company into the already crowded wearable technology market. Though there are many different gadgets already available from different brands and companies, many in the industry have predicted that it will be this specific device that will bring wearables into the mainstream.

There are three different types of smartwatch, including the Apple Watch (in stainless steel cases of traditional or space black), the Apple Watch Sport (in anodized aluminum cases in space grey and silver), and the Apple Watch Edition (in 18-karat gold cases of rose or yellow gold).

This was, by far, the most anticipated Apple technology news for the Spring Forward event. The smartwatch will be available for pre-order as of April 10 at Apple Retail Stores. It will begin shipping on April 24 to nine countries (U.S., Canada, Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, and the U.K.

Apple Watch may replace car keys, says Tim Cook

According to the Apple CEO, its smartwatch will soon be a device people won’t want to live without.

The Apple Watch is expected to have its release date announced on March 9, at which time it will also likely reveal a number of additional details about this gadget, including more about its battery life, and how it may one day make car keys obsolete.

With a massive price tag of $349, the device will need to be impressive in order to convince people to pay.

That is the price that has been announced for the Apple Watch Sport version of the first smartwatch from the high end brand. The key will be to try to convince people why they will actually want the device in the first place. They will not, after all, be replacing traditional wristwatches, as many people stopped wearing those when they purchased their smartphones. Therefore, many people are wondering if having two smart devices on them at all times will simply be redundant. This is especially true because many of the features of the smartwatch will not function without being wirelessly connected to an iPhone.

According to CEO Tim Cook, the notifications are among the best reasons to get an Apple Watch.

apple watchCook explained that “I’m now so used to getting all my notifications and all my messages.” He went on to add that “It’s so incredible just to do this,” he said as he glanced down at his wrist, instead of having to take his iPhone out of his pocket. This could be quite convenient for a smartphone user. If a new notification arrives, it makes it possible for the smartwatch wearer to simply glance down at the wearable technology to see if the incoming call, text, email, or other type of alert is something that requires an immediate response.

The question is whether something as simple as notifications will allow these wearables to stand out from among many others that are already offering that type of feature, and if people will be willing to pay more for the Apple Watch than they would be for those from rival companies.