Report shows that mobile commerce is gaining steam

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Criteo report highlights emerging trends that are influencing businesses throughout the world

Criteo, a leading performance marketing company, has released the latest edition of its mobile commerce report. The quarterly report provides analysis of the growing mobile commerce industry, highlighting trends that are strengthening as well as those that are emerging in prominent markets. For the report, Criteo examined data from some 1.4 billion mobile transactions, finding that four in 10 of mobile purchases are occurring within the United States.

Consumers are using multiple devices to make purchases online and off

According to the report, approximately half of all transactions made throughout the world involve the use of multiple devices. Many consumers appear to research products that they are interested in on their smartphones, opting to purchase these products on their home computers. This works the other way around, as well, with many consumers researching products and special deals on a PC before making a purchase on a mobile device of some sort.

Southeast Asia is becoming a powerful hub for mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Report - GrowthThe report shows that Southeast Asia is home to a 45% conversion rate when it comes to retail sales. Many consumers in this region are using their mobile devices to shop and retailers have been successful in converting shoppers into paying customers. More than half of the online traffic in this region is coming from mobile consumers, as they have found that using their smartphones and tablets to get their shopping done is more convenient than simply visiting a physical store.

Businesses investing in mobile apps are finding success

Apart from a growing consumer base, businesses involved in mobile commerce are finding more success with their ongoing operations. The report shows that early investments in mobile commerce applications is generating significant payback for companies interested in digital shopping. According to Criteo, brands that make the app experience a major priority generate 60% of their total mobile revenue from these applications. These financial gains are expected to encourage companies to become more mobile-centric in order to provide better services to consumers using smartphones and tablets.

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