Report sheds light on consumer behavior in mobile commerce and elsewhere

Report highlights importance of mobile commerce and other activities on smartphones

Experian Marketing Services, a marking firm associated with Experian plc., has released a new report concerning consumer behavior and the use of smartphones. Mobile technology has come to play a vital role in the lives of the average consumer, with many people relying on smartphones to function in their daily lives. The advent of mobile commerce has made these devices even more important to people around the world, especially as they devices begin to store and make use of financial information.

Consumers spend average of 58 minutes on their mobile device daily

It is no surprise that many consumers have smartphones, but what may be surprising is how much time a typical person will spend on their mobile device every day. The report shows that the average smartphone user devotes 58 minutes of their time to their mobile device. Much of this time is spend on a variety of activities, including mobile commerce and social networking. The report suggests that the typical iPhone user spends an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes on their mobile device daily, whereas the typical Android user spends 49 minutes on their device per day.

Mobile Commerce ReportMost of this time is spend talking on the phone and texting

Approximately 26% of the time smartphone users spend on their device involves talking to others on the phone, while 20% of this time is spent texting. Some 8% of this time is devoted to mobile games, which have proven quite popular with a wide range of consumers. Mobile commerce also takes up some of a smartphone user’s time, but not as much as texting. While consumers have been quick to embrace mobile commerce, many people have not found enjoyable experiences through their smartphones. Poor experiences have driven some consumers away from mobile commerce, but not all have abandoned the idea.

Mobile commerce appears active among iPhone consumers

The report suggests that iPhone users spend more time on mobile activities than Android users. This could translate into iPhone users being more active in the mobile commerce space, but many mobile commerce platforms are based on the use of NFC technology, which is not supported by Apple devices. There are alternatives to NFC, of course, that have made mobile commerce more accommodating to iPhone users, but these alternatives are not as popular as the conventional NFC-based platforms.

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