Mobile security improvements sought by bill to allow users to delete data

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Mobile Security appThis proposed regulation would allow smartphone users to ask apps to delete their information.

U.S. Representative Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) has proposed mobile security legislation that would make it possible for smartphone users to be able to request that apps cease the collection of their personal data, and that they delete information that has been previously collected about them.

The American lawmaker has released a discussion draft for the change to the current law.

The release was made regarding the Application Privacy, Protection, and Security Act. This proposed bill would require mobile security measures to be taken by all apps, in that they must provide their users with notice about the data that they collect, and they must receive consent from those users before they will be permitted to collect any personal information.

This mobile security proposal would also allow the users to control the information being collected or held.

Beyond simply requiring permission to collect the personal information in the first place, this mobile security measure would also make it possible for users of apps to be able to tell the developer that they will no longer be using the app and that they wish the collection of their information to stop. This would mean that the developers would not only need to cease the collection of the data, and would also have to delete any personal data that has already been collected “to the extent practicable”, said the discussion draft.

Rep. Johnson used the website in order to solicit ideas for the mobile security and privacy bill that he wanted to propose. The website was initially launched in July 2012. He explained in a statement that “Because the majority of the feedback that we received on AppRights expressed strong support for user control, transparency, and security, we incorporated these principles into the bill.”

He also added that “Many of you also told us that simple mechanisms are important to protecting your privacy on mobile devices.” He went on to say that after he had heard the concerns that were raised, he was able to write provisions that would address them in a way that would provide increased mobile security, without threatening the integrity or functionality of the “apps that you love.”

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