Mobile sector expected to see major growth in 2013

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Mobile Sector Growth 20132013 may be a major year for the mobile sector

The coming year is expected to be very significant in the realm of mobile technology and mobile services. Over the past 12 months, more consumers have become reliant on their mobile devices in their daily lives. This has created major engagement opportunities in several industries and many companies have begun focusing more heavily on mobile consumers. In 2013, this focus is expected to become more acute on the mobile sector, especially as more companies develop services that are very specifically targeted at the mobile demographic.

Location-based marketing to begin picking up more momentum

Location-based marketing and services are expected to see a boost in 2013. More companies are beginning to see the value of engaging consumers through location-based services. Social media sites like Foursquare and Facebook exemplify this potential channel of engagement. Advertisers can use location-based marketing campaigns to great effect and consumers are all but guaranteed to engage in such campaigns because of their curiosity and their constant connection to their smart phones and tablets.

Mobile gaming to continue showing promise

The mobile sector has been attracting a significant amount of attention from the game industry. Mobile gaming is expected to take off in 2013 as well. Though the mobile gaming space is considered a crowded market by many, there is still significant financial opportunities therein. By the end of 2013, the mobile gaming market is expected to hit $9.8 billion, with the possibility that the Android platform will become the dominating force in the mobile gaming business. In-app advertising is also expected to become more prevalent as game developers find that consumers are willing to engage in such advertisements.

Mobile commerce will likely be a major focus of many companies

Mobile commerce will likely reach new heights in the mobile sector in 2013, powered by NFC technology or not. Companies like PayPal and Apple are currently looking for alternatives to NFC technology to further their goals with mobile commerce. Much of the mobile commerce space will continue to be dictated by the technology, however, as several companies in the technology and telecommunications industry have already invested heavily in the development of an NFC-based mobile commerce infrastructure.

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