Mobile payments gain momentum in the US

Smartphone users in the US adore mobile payments

The Credit Union National Association has released the results of a new survey that show mobile payments are gaining ground in the U.S. Mobile payments have been growing more popular among consumers for the past few years, but exactly how popular this new form of commerce has become is an oft debated topic. Many people favor the convenience associated with mobile payments, but have concerns regarding the safety of their financial information. The new survey aims to shed some light on the issue.

More than half of smartphone users participate in mobile commerce

According to the survey, more than half of smartphone users in the U.S. have made mobile payments. The survey defines mobile payments as any transaction made with a mobile device and shows that the majority of people making mobile payments praise the convenience of being able to purchase products from their smartphones. The majority of those making mobile payments spend more than $30 on average per purchase, suggesting that people are more willing to spend money when participating in mobile commerce.

U.S. Mobile Commerce on the riseSecurity remains a top concern for many consumers

Security remains a major concern for those interested in mobile payments. Some 77% of respondents claimed that the security of their financial information was a top priority. Security concerns often determine whether a person will make a mobile payment or not and the survey suggests that most consumers tend to be cautions when it comes to spending money through a mobile device.

Consumers expected to grow more interested in mobile payments over time

Despite the concerns surrounding mobile commerce security, more consumers are showing an interest in shopping online. The availability of mobile Internet access has made it easier for consumers to shop online using the smartphones and tablets, thereby exposing them to mobile commerce initiatives coming from retailers and other businesses. Consumers are expected to continue growing more fond of mobile payments as better services become available to them, especially if these services can help placate fears regarding security.

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