Mobile marketing proves successful in Indonesia

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Grocery Mobile MarketingA grocery store in the country used a smartphone friendly campaign very effectively.

Although mobile marketing in store has become an increasingly common occurrence in the United States, this has not yet become the case in Indonesia, although a grocery store there has now shown that it can be accomplished very effectively and successfully.

Over 1,000 people visited the smartphone friendly website every day throughout the campaign.

This has shown that the Indonesian marketplace does have room for successful mobile marketing campaigns such as those that are produced with American shoppers in mind. For instance, Staples is actively encouraging shoppers to download its app and use it in store in order to obtain a larger number of savings opportunities.

That company uses mobile marketing at the checkout counter to advertise the app and its benefits.

When shoppers use that app to check into a store, he or she can receive mobile marketing offers while they’re right there in front of the products. This can include discount opportunities such as coupons that can be used during that specific trip to the store. Other similar techniques that have been used by retailers include QR codes that can be scanned for coupons and discount opportunities, or texting a special word to a short code for similar offers.

The Matahari Food Business in Indonesia is taking advantage of this same type of mobile marketing technique and is spreading the trend across the country in its 90 different retail outlets. During a three month trial that was held in those stores in the country from October through December, last year, shoppers were encouraged to enter a short code into a specific kind of search engine – a TMS search – which is specifically designed for smartphone advertising campaigns.

Once the short code is entered into the mobile marketing search, the consumer is redirected to the smartphone website for the Matahari Food Business, where various special offers such as coupons and discounts become available to users who register for free by entering their name, gender, age, mobile number, and email address. With that information, the offers made to the consumer can be selected specifically for that individual.

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