Mobile games may be a major opportunity for Samsung

Samsung Mobile GamesGalaxy S4 may be ideal platform for mobile games

Gameloft, a developer and publisher of mobile games, has announced its support for the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 is the latest iteration of Samsung’s popular line of smartphones. The previous Galaxy S smartphone was release late last year and quickly became the most popular mobile device in the world. The success of the Galaxy S III propelled Samsung in various markets, eventually allowing the company to become more successful than its longtime competitor in the mobile space, Apple.

Gameloft shows support for Galaxy S4

Like other smartphones, the Galaxy S4 is expected to be a very popular platform for mobile games. Mobile games have already proven quite popular with consumers, but developers and publishers are constantly on the lookout for new platforms that can support higher quality games. Gameloft believes that the Galaxy S4 may be such a platform because of the smartphone’s advanced technology. Samsung may agree with this belief.

Samsung continues to warm up to mobile games

Mobile games have become a very prominent part of the mobile space, but companies like Apple and Samsung have not paid much attention to this sector in the past. While Apple features gaming in its marketing for its various mobile devices, the company has not been a public proponent of mobile games. Samsung, however, has shown strong support for mobile games in the past. The company has even gone so far as to release specially designed controllers for its mobile devices that allow consumers to play mobile games more easily.

Gameloft has ambitious plans for Galaxy S4

Given the lucrative nature of mobile games, Samsung may be well inclined to support such games coming from Gameloft. The developer already has 13 mobile games ready for release on the Galaxy S4 and has plans to release many more in the future. Many of the games that Gameloft produces tie in to blockbuster movies, such as Iron Man 3.

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