Mobile app released by Google for new Android experience

A Chrome Remote Desktop application has now been released for a whole new device experience.

Google has now released a new mobile app that is meant to help to change the way that device users interact with the various different gadgets and computers that they own and use on a regular basis.

The application is meant to be installed on every computer from which an individual wants remote control.

To use it, the Chrome Remote Desktop mobile app must be installed on each computer from which he or she would like to be able to access his or her Android device, as well as on that gadget, itself. The application works itself into the Chrome browser. From the point that it has been installed, the app icon (which consists of two rectangles that overlap) appears on the browser’s app section. A PIN (chosen by the user) is then created when a connection is established.

This mobile app is meant to make it possible for Android devices to snatch needed files from desktops.

For instance, a person with an Android smartphone may be out on a sales call and suddenly needs access to a file that is located on a desktop computer that is located back at the office. Instead of having to request that the file be emailed from that machine – or to have to make the trip back to the physical computer location – it can be grabbed through the smartphone by way of this application.Google -  New App


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The original Chrome Remote Desktop was unveiled by Google way back in 2011. At that time, it gave users remote access to a computer from other PCs or laptops. However, this new application will now provide that same type of access experience, only through an Android based smartphone or tablet, instead of relying exclusively on computers. An Apple iOS version of this same app is expected to be released in the near future.

It is likely that this mobile app will hold the greatest appeal to the business community as opposed to the individual consumer, however, there could be some applications for that function among that demographic, as well.

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