iOS favored for mobile games among consumers

ios mobile gamesConsumers prefer iOS over Android when it comes to mobile games

Mobile games are very popular for consumers all over the world. These games have become one of the most favored pastimes for those with iOS and Android devices and there are no signs that mobile games will become unpopular in the foreseeable future. Arbitron Mobile, a mobile behavior analytics firm, has released a new survey concerning which mobile platform consumers prefer for gaming. The survey shows that Apple devices are the most popular platforms for mobile games on the market.

iPhone has become a massively popular gaming platform

According to the survey, 85.7% of consumers prefer to use mobile games on an iOS device. Approximately 76% of consumers favor Android devices. The iPhone is the most popular device among gamers, accounting for an average of 12 hours and 23 minutes of engagement in mobile gaming in December 2012. Overall, mobile games take up the majority of time people spend on mobile devices, iOS or otherwise. Social networking comes in second, but consumers typically play mobile games through such networks.

Mobile games represent promising marketing opportunities

The popularity of mobile games presents a major opportunity for advertisers and game developers. Because the majority of the time consumers spend on their mobile devices is devoted to gaming, developers have a chance to push in-game sales of products and services. Developers can also sell in-game space to advertisers looking to engage mobile consumers. This is a common practice in the field of mobile games, as such games are typically free or very inexpensive. In-game transactions are, therefore, the primary way for developers to generate profits.

Game industry begins to veer toward Android

Though consumers appear to favor the iOS platform for mobile games, Android has been gaining momentum in this field for years. Consumers are becoming more interested in Android devices over those provided by Apple due to new features being introduced to the Android platform. The game industry has also shown favor for Android because of its accessibility, leading many developers to move away from the iOS.

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