Google may bring mobile payments support to Maps

Google Maps may have mobile payments functionality in the future

Google continues to make moves in the mobile payments space, working to introduce a new feature into Google Maps that will allow consumers to make purchases through the service. Many people use Google Maps for directions, but they have also begun to use the service to find local stores. An updated version of Google Maps will include mobile payments support, something that a growing number of consumers have been asking for over the past several months.

New update for Google Maps is being tested

The update is still in early development, with Google testing a variety of new features that could make Google Maps more valuable to consumers. One of these features involves finding out gas prices at local stations. Another will include additional information concerning hotels, allowing consumers to determine whether or not certain amenities are available at a hotel they may be interested in. Google is looking to incorporate Android Pay into Maps, allowing consumers to make purchases directly from the service. Such purchases would likely be hotel stays or, potentially, making a payment in advance for products offered at physical stores.

Google continues to move ever deeper into the mobile payments space

Mobile Payments - Google MapsGoogle has been involved in the mobile payments space for some time, having initially supported mobile transactions through Google Wallet. The Wallet service is still available, working alongside Android Pay, but Wallet is relatively unpopular among consumers. Android Pay, however, is quickly becoming a favorite with those that are interested in mobile payments. The service has proven to be quite convenient, allowing consumers to make purchases whenever they please. The service is also receiving strong support from retailers that wish to engage mobile consumers more effectively.

Maps may be an underrated mobile payments platform

Google Maps is a massively popular service, but relatively few people consider its potential as a mobile payments platform. Whether or not Google will actually introduce mobile payments support to Maps is still undetermined. The company has, however, been showing a great deal of support for mobile payments in recent years, believing that this sector will see magnificent growth in the coming years.

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