This, according to the execs at both The Weather Channel as well as at Criteo.

Execs from both The Weather Company – the operator of The Weather Channel – and from Criteo – an adtech platform – believe that as much as mobile marketing is growing in popularity and presents considerable opportunity for monetization of a website or an app, the ads that are used over this channel leave a great deal to be desired.

These two execs have agreed that it is primarily the format of the ads that needs to improve.

They have stated that the mobile marketing ad format continues to be riddled with flawed and time will require it to improve. That said, this is not quite an encouraging statement considering the fact that the channel has been heavily used, worldwide. It is also a rather grim statement considering that Criteo is a considerable buyer of m-commerce ads, and the Weather Channel is a large seller due to the great popularity of its app.

That said, despite the current statements, they do feel that mobile marketing will be the place to be in the long run.

Mobile marketing ads leave much to be desiredIn a recent interview with a business publication, Greg Coleman, the president of Criteo, said “Do mobile ads suck? Maybe, maybe not.” He added that if you are able to encourage a viewer to click an ad, which he called, making an “ad dance”, then you can assume “that it doesn’t suck.”

In order to be able to make better mobile marketing ads, according to Coleman, there is a requirement for the industry to look into the ads that have been made by curatives that have developed a smartphone based background and who have what is referred to as Coleman as the mobile “DNA”.

At the same time, The Weather Company’s chief global revenue officer, Curt Hecht, has expressed a different angle of view regarding the direction that mobile marketing was taking. In his opinion, considering the way that things currently are, the methods that are used for purchasing and selling ads over smartphones and tablets are what he called “a complete mess”. For a company that sells ad space on its apps, this isn’t the best type of statement to make.