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Mobile technology news is starting to include older age groups

A new study has revealed that higher age brackets of Americans are now buying smartphones.

Although smartphones are typically considered to be the devices of the younger generations, recent mobile technology news is showing that people in the older age groups across the United States are starting to become owners of these devices, as well.

Some of the latest tech research has indicated that Millennials are far from the only ones with smartphones.

This mobile technology news is the result of a Nielsen survey, which were recently published. What it showed was that among Americans who are aged 55 years and older, 51 percent now own smartphones. This is a considerable increase for that age group over the figure from early 2013. In fact, there has been an increase of 10 percent over that span of only one year. This data is quite notable as it reveals that smartphone penetration is growing among everyone.

This mobile technology news shows that most of the people in every age group now own smartphones.

This increase in smartphone ownership represents the very first time in history that the majority of every age group now owns one of these mobile devices. Out of every ten Americans, Nielsen’s data suggests that seven are now smartphone owners. Moreover, 85 percent of new cell phone shoppers are choosing smartphones over feature phones and other forms of the devices.Mobile Technology News - Mobile Consumers

Among all of the smartphone manufacturers, Apple continues to hold its position at the top. Among all owners of these mobile devices, 42 percent in the United States are choosing products from that company, said the recent survey. That said, the operating system that is most popular among all of the cell phones that are owned in the United States is still Android. In terms of numbers, that Google OS has an advantage because it works devices across several different manufacturers.

Among the Android smartphones, 19 percent are manufactured by Samsung. The mobile technology news isn’t as good for BlackBerry, which continues to slip out of popularity. Windows Phone based smartphones represent only 3 percent of those in the United States.

Technology news report shows over 140 million in US have smartphones

A recent study has shown that the number of these device owners in the country is rapidly growing.

comScore has just released the data of its latest technology news study, called the MobiLens service, which has revealed considerable insight regarding trends in the American smartphone industry.

The most recent report has focused specifically on the three month period that finished at the end of May 2013.

Among all of the smartphone manufacturers, the technology news from Apple was in the lead, as that company was the one with the largest share of the OEM market, at 39 percent. The top platform, on the other hand, was Google Android, which held 52 percent of the platform market share in the United States.

The most significant discovery that was shared by the technology news report, however, was in the growth of ownership.

Technology News - Mobile ReportThe comScore technology news report indicated that there continues to be impressive growth of the smartphone audience in the United States. In fact, at the time of the study, there were an estimated 141 million people in the country who owned smartphones. This represented a mobile market penetration in the country of an astounding 59 percent.

The research examined the growth throughout the entire three month period that ended in May, and not just the time as a whole. For instance, it noted that at the beginning of the research, in February, the penetration in the market in the United States was a full 6 percent lower than it was at the end. That represents a massive amount of growth throughout that short time.

The top OEM was Apple, which held 39.32 percent of American smartphone subscribers. In second place was Samsung, which was considerably behind Apple, with a market share of 23 percent. In third place, well behind Samsung, was HTC, which held its own market share at 8.7 percent. In fourth place, Motorola wasn’t that far behind HTC, at 7,8 percent. Finally, in fifth place, LG had 6.7 percent of the market in the U.S. This technology news is bound to shift again over the next few months if the trend revealed in this study is continued.