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USPS offers a mobile app to help holiday season travelers

This application makes it possible for people who are headed out of town to place a hold on their mail.

At this time of year, there is so much going on in terms of gift buying and wrapping, making travel arrangements, and ensuring that everything is packed for the intended destination, it can be easy to forget to take certain steps such as holding the mail, but USPS has created a mobile app to help travelers to overcome this struggle.

The USPS app allows a request for a hold on mail to be submitted over a smartphone or tablet.

When traveling away from home for more than a day or two, placing a hold on mail is a good idea, for several reasons, including security. That said, while many people do intend to do it, it is among the easiest details to forget, particularly when traveling during the holidays, when everything in life is busier and more complicated. It is among the preparations that are most frequently forgotten. However, by using the mobile app, an alternative method can be used to complete this task, whenever it is remembered. Even if it means that the individual is already a day or two into the vacation.

The USPS mobile app is currently available for travelers with both Android and iOS based smartphones.

Mobile app - USPS TruckThe mobile application is available for free, and it offers a simple to use “Hold Mail” button that gives customers the opportunity to have their mail held for as few as 3 days or for as long as a month. Arrangements can also be made for the way that the held mail will be collected. For example, a user can request that all of it be delivered in a single large stack, or the customer can indicate that they would rather pick it up from their local post office.

Once the request has been submitted, the user will receive a confirmation email that provides all of the details about the request, such as the applicable dates and the collection information. Once the hold has expired, another email is sent on that day in order to confirm that the mail will no longer be held after that point.

The mobile app also provides the user with helpful information such as the location of the nearest branch, the ability to use tracking codes to trace their delivery of their mail, scheduling a pickup, ordering free shipping supplies, and obtaining price quotes.

Miami International Airport’s Mobile app is now unveiled

The application has now been launched to provide travelers with flight tracking tools in real time.

The Miami International Airport has now released a mobile app that is designed to enhance the experience of the travelers who pass through it on their journeys, by giving them real time tracking of their flights.

The smartphone application is available in both English and Spanish and offers a range of features.

Beyond allowing travelers to monitor their flights, they can also use the mobile app to take advantage of a feature called “Around Me”, which gives passengers the opportunity to have a look at the various amenities that the airport has to offer and that are within a five minute walk from where the smartphone user is located at any given time.

Through this mobile app, the hope is that travelers will be able to better and more conveniently use the airport.

Beyond those features, the mobile application, which is called the MIA Airport Official, provides the traveler with information about parking there, as well as dining, ground transportation, shopping, flights, as well as other factors. The application comes in both Android and iPhone formats.

Mobile Apps - Miami AirportThe airport developed this application so that it would be possible to remain ahead and relevant in terms of its technology based elements. Moreover, a growing number of airports already have their own applications. This, according to the director of public and customer relations, Dicke Davis.

Davis explained that “I was on a trip and saw the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport app while I was at a conference on social media.” He added that “I liked it. It was clean and easy to use, so I brought it to our airport director [Emilio Gonzalez]. He’s very innovative and forward leaning.”

The deputy director of the airport, Ken Pyatt, stated that there were many things that were taken into consideration such as the offerings of other major world class airports and their mobile apps, as they felt that it was important to understand what was valued by customers in terms of features and unique services. That became the starting point for the Miami International Airport’s smartphone application.