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UK consumers flock to tablets for mobile commerce

Tablets are gaining popularity

Market research firm Conlumino has released a new report concerning emerging trends among consumers in the United Kingdom. The report shows that consumers are flocking to eBay to purchase small tablet devices. Many of these consumers are seeking out more convenient devices that they can use to shop online and participate in mobile commerce. The UK mobile sector has been growing more accommodating of online shopping in recent years and tablets are quickly becoming a favorite device for mobile shoppers.

Tablets may provide a better shopping experience

Tablets have won acclaim due to their stronger processing power and larger screens. These devices have become popular among various types of mobile consumers, but they have managed to find a strong following in the mobile commerce and gaming sectors. The large screens of tablets make it easier for users to navigate websites. This simple feature provides consumers with a more enjoyable shopping experience, thereby making it easier for them to spend money online.

Report shows consumers prefer small tablet devices

UK Tablets and Mobile CommerceAccording to the report from Conlumino, approximately 60% of all tablets purchased in the UK in the last three months have been smaller than conventional tablet devices. The iPad Mini Retina and Google Nexus 7 have become the most popular of these small tablets. The majority of those purchasing small tablets claim they did so because they wanted a device that they could carry around more easily. These consumers are likely to use their tablets for mobile commerce and 60% said that they would be using their small devices specifically for holiday shopping.

Holiday season proved promising for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has already had a strong start to the holiday shopping season. From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in the U.S., retailers saw a major increase in mobile activity. Similar shopping holidays in other countries were met with promising results in the mobile sector as well. Notably, mobile payments are still more common on smartphones than they are on other devices, but tablets are quickly becoming the favored mobile shopping platform among consumers.

Tablets preferred for mobile games

Study shows consumers play mobile games on their tablets more so than other platforms

Frank N. Magid Associates, a media and entertainment research firm, has released a new study concerning mobile games. These games have been growing in popularity for some time, experiencing the bulk of this growth over the past five years. As consumers become more involved in their smartphones and tablets, these games are finding a foothold with a larger audience. The prominence of mobile technology has made mobile games a very lucrative and influential part of the game industry.

Tablets account for $914 million in in-game spending

The study shows that mobile games have established a strong following, but that the majority of those that play these games prefer to do so on tablet devices. The study suggests that 69% of tablet users play games on their device, with 31% of these gamers participating in in-game transactions. These gamers spent an average of $48 each on mobile games over the past year. This translates into tablets representing some $914 million of in-game spending.

tablet mobile gamesTablets offer better experience for mobile games

The reason people seem to prefer tablets over smartphones when it comes to mobile games is relatively straightforward. Tablets feature larger screens that are typically more responsive than those than can be found on smaller mobile devices. This allows for better control in mobile games as well as the opportunity to experience these games on a larger scale rather than be forced to view games on a small, somewhat restrictive screen. The larger size of tablet devices is also accommodating to higher quality hardware, allowing these devices to offer more graphical power to mobile games than smartphones.

Android may be catching up to iOS

Tablets have established themselves as the primary platform for mobile games. This is not likely to change in the immediate future, despite the fact that new smartphones are emerging with better graphics processing units and other such hardware. Currently, the iPad is the most popular tablet for mobile games, but the study shows that Android tablets are beginning to gain momentum among consumers.