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Square Enix to embrace mobile games

Square Enix to move away from traditional games toward mobile games

Japanese game publisher and developer Square Enix has been a powerful name in the game industry for several years. The company is responsible for some of the most beloved franchises in the industry, but has recently begun to struggle with its most recent titles and endeavors. This is largely due to the fact that gaming is changing, as are the gamers. As older gamers give way to a new generation, Square Enix is finding that more people are inclined to play games on their mobile devices. In an effort to retain its place in the game industry, Square Enix has begun to set its sights on mobile games.

A new generation spurs a new focus for the developer

The developer has announced that it will be transitioning away from the big-budget games that had made it famous in the past. While Square Enix will not be abandoning its efforts to make such games, much of the company’s focus will be attributed to mobile games. This new focus will not only affect the company’s publishing initiatives but also the development aspect.

Mobile Games - Square EnixMobile games may help Square Enix connect with a new generation of gamers

The company has high hopes for mobile games, largely due to the popularity of these games with consumers. The success that mobile games represent is most evident among independent developers. Games like Angry Birds and Temple Run have become unexpected phenomena in the game industry and both of these games have proven to be strong revenue streams for their developers. Square Enix believes that mobile games can help it overcome the failures of its past and make it a more recognizable name with a new generation of gamers.

Company likely to face many challenges

Mobile games are popular, but there are many challenges that exist in moving away from traditional, big-budget projects. The first involves the relatively low attention span that consumers have when it comes to mobile games. Another challenge is represented by the fact that mobile games must often include micro-transactions in order to generate a profit, a practice that is somewhat controversial among gamers.

Square Enix sets sights on mobile games

Mobile games prove attractive for Square Enix

Acclaimed game developer and publisher Square Enix has suffered through a turbulent year. The famed Japanese company had once been considered a titan of the game industry, but has struggled in the wake of the release of several lackluster games that have not performed well in any market. Even though the company’s most recent releases, such as Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs, have received critical acclaim, these titles have failed to meet the company’s lofty expectations. The poor performance of Square Enix’s console and PC games may be pushing the company to show more interest in mobile games.

Company continues to struggle with criticism from consumers

In the past, Square Enix has received praise for providing gamers with quality experiences that were almost impossible to find elsewhere. The company has a tendency to push the boundaries of modern console technology in an attempt to provide gamers with enjoyable experiences that have been difficult to find elsewhere. In recent years, the company has been met with increasing difficulty in this endeavor, often receiving criticism for focusing too much on the technology aspects of gaming and not enough on the actual experience of gaming.

Mobile Games - Square EnixSquare Enix aims to bring console experience to mobile games

With the advent of mobile games beginning to draw attention away from traditional consoles, Square Enix is beginning to see a new opportunity to dazzle consumers with its extensive experience in the realm of gaming technology. The company has begun to show its interest in bringing the console experience to the mobile space, effectively improving the quality of mobile games significantly in the future. The company has plans to publish mobile games in the future and intends to focus on games that deliver a quality and technologically advanced experience to consumers.

Game industry growing increasingly mobile

Much of the game industry has begun to show interest in the mobile space. Mobile games have been drawing consumers away from traditional gaming platforms for some time, but have only recently begun cutting into the sales of traditional consoles. Square Enix is not t he only company with plans to take mobile games more seriously and a new focus on these kinds of games may help the company recover much of the support it has lost among consumers.