The data showed that a mere 37 percent feel that their advertising on Facebook is effective.

According to the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report that has just been released, many marketers are not satisfied with the results that they are seeing with their efforts over Facebook.

The report also indicated that many marketers are not using the networks to their greatest potential.

Though it had been expected that the greatest surprise that the marketers would reveal regarding their social media marketing would be the lack of participation, this was not at all the case. Instead, the report’s authors were most taken aback by the number of businesses aren’t tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns so that they aren’t actually aware of the impact that it is having.

Among the study participants, 97 percent said that they were using social media marketing in their campaigns.

Social Media Marketing StudyMoreover, the 86 percent of the respondents said that they felt that social media marketing was an important part of their overall advertising efforts. When asked specifically about the use of Facebook, it was revealed that 92 percent of the participants were using that network as a part of their advertising and promotions. Forty nine percent of those using Facebook felt that it was the most important of all of the platforms.

However, only 37 percent of those using Facebook social media marketing actually felt that it was effective.

That said, the report underscored the fact that this figure does not represent the number of companies that have actually seen success from their social media marketing over Facebook. Instead, it represents the number that feel that it is effective – not necessarily based on having tracked the impact of their ads and their return on investments.

The reports also pointed out that it is more likely that large organizations will feel that social media marketing over Facebook is effective than smaller or medium sized companies. It was the bigger companies that were most likely to feel that targeted traffic was moving from the platform to their company brand site. Among smaller companies, a considerably lesser impact was noted by the research.