This SDK will soon be in the hands of many developers for the creation of applications for users.

SAP has now announced the general availability of its latest mobile app development tools in its Mobile Platform 3.0, which is a software development kit (SDK) that has been designed to allow developers to be able to build applications for business partners, employees, and consumers.

Among the early adopters of this newly shipped software is National Grid, a U.K electricity and gas transmission network.

That company has already used this mobile app development platform update in combination with other tools from SAP in order to provide more than 1,500 field engineers with greater ability for using iOS devices to maintain the energy grid. Those engineers are employing the new system for a broad spectrum of different tasks that include everything from maintenance work that has been completed in the field, to taking photos of the repair work that needs to be done or that has been completed. As soon as the mobile devices connect with a WiFi network, the images that have been captured are stored for transmission alongside the rest of the history for that job, and any additional useful data.

This use of the mobile app development platform will mean a considerable savings on data plan use costs.

Mobile apps for consumersAccording to the UK National Grid’s head of Information Systems, Tina Sands, this new mobile device friendly software from SAP “delivers an incredibly powerful but simple user experience for our field engineers so they can focus on their day jobs.”

Also using a pre-release version of the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is Augsburg, Germany-based MSC Mobile. That company’s mobile developers created an application that brings in the power of augmented reality. The concept is that it will allow workers in stores to be able to check whether or not the products that bring in the highest profits remain in stock on the store shelves, or whether they need to be restocked (or reordered, for that matter).

The mobile app development of that MSC Mobile product, which is called Shelf Plus, also provides employees with the ability to view a store shelf through the device screen in order to identify the location of certain items that are on a pre-created checklist.