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Galaxy S4 has bulks up with mobile commerce technology

Samsung reveals Galaxy S4

Samsung this week revealed its highly anticipated Galaxy S4, only 9 months after the release of the massively successful Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S4 is packed with several upgrades that make it a bit more powerful than its predecessor, but the new mobile device’s potential use in mobile commerce is attracting the most attention. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 is expected to have a strong focus on mobile commerce, allowing users to make mobile payments and shop online using their device.

New device equipped with Mobeam technology

The Galaxy S4 will be equipped with new technology that has been developed by mobile commerce startup Mobeam. Mobeam has been on the search for partners since it announced the development of its barcode scanning technology for mobile devices. The technology is capable of scanning barcodes, such as QR codes, like simple barcode scanning applications. The technology does, however, provide something new in that it enables point-of-sale scanners to scan barcodes that are presented on the screen of  the Galaxy S4.

Mobeam makes barcodes important again

Mobeam calls the technology “light based communications,” or LBC. This technology works by using the priximity sensors of the Galaxy S4 to beam light pulses that mimic barcode patterns. This allows point-of-sale scanners to register the device’s barcodes. Using Mobeam’s LBC would allow consumers to scan the barcode of a particular product and have this barcode scanned at point-of-sale in order to make a purchase. This could also be used to take advantage of the various price-matching initiatives that several retailers have in place.

Technology could be available for third-party developers in the future

Mobeam’s technology is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S4, but Samsung suggests that it could be available for third-party developers at some point in the future. The technology has some promising implications for mobile commerce, especially as consumers become more interested in making use of QR codes and other such tools.

Samsung makes a move on mobile commerce with Wallet application

Samsung Mobile CommerceSamsung introduces new mobile commerce application

Samsung has begun showing off its new Wallet mobile application for its line of smartphones. The company has adopted a strong interest mobile commerce recently, and this interest has helped the company dethrone Apple as the leading provider of mobile devices in the world. Consumers share the enthusiasm for mobile commerce that Samsung has been displaying, demanding new applications that can facilitate mobile payments and make it easier to manage bank accounts and shop online.

Wallet to provide digital storage to consumers

Samsung’s Wallet will act in much the same way that other mobile wallets do. The Wallet will be able to store a wide variety of digital information and content, such as financial data and tickets for concerts or public transport. In this way, the Wallet is very similar to Apple’s Passbook. Unlike the Passbook, the Wallet will allow users to participate in mobile commerce in some way, thanks to the NFC capabilities of Samsung’s latest smartphones.

Wallet to make use of QR codes

While the Wallet will leverage NFC to some degree to open up mobile commerce to consumers, the other aspects of the application will be based on barcodes, specifically QR codes. The Wallet can store mobile coupons, airline tickets, and special offers from loyalty programs that can all be accessed through scanning a QR code. Samsung believes that these codes are a simpler way of providing services to consumers rather than having the Wallet rely entirely on NFC technology.

Wallet may be included in new Galaxy S4

Samsung has already lined up an array of partners that will support the Wallet when it is launched. The company is currently preparing for the launch of the new Galaxy S4, which is expected to be released in spring this year. The Wallet may be made available before the launch of the S4, with current speculation suggesting that the application will be available in a matter of weeks rather than months.