UK Mobile Commerce BusinessUK continues to see major shift through mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is beginning to have a major impact on the United Kingdom business sector. Over the past year, mobile commerce has become a very prominent trend, with many consumers clamoring for the change to purchase products using their mobile devices rather than traditional means. Sage Pay, a provider of mobile commerce services, has released its third annual e-Business Report concerning United Kingdom businesses and their adoption of mobile commerce. The report shows that these businesses are beginning to consider mobile consumers as a very important demographic that cannot be ignored.

Report shows that businesses are beginning to focus on their e-commerce websites

The report surveyed some 1,500 online businesses throughout the United Kingdom. According to the report, less than a quarter of these businesses are developing their own mobile application, opting instead to focus on e-commerce websites. Approximately 73% are working to make their websites more accommodating of mobile commerce. These businesses are pushing to see higher levels of mobile traffic to their sites and provide consumers with more decisions during their shopping experience.

Mobile sales making up sizeable portion of activity

Those businesses that have dedicated applications catering to mobile consumers are seeing as much as 19% of their sales come from mobile devices. Sage Pay suggests that this is a sign that the mobile commerce market in the UK is beginning to expand. Consumers are feeling more comfortable engaging in mobile commerce as services become more secure and widely available. Many businesses have begun adopting mobile marketing campaigns that promote their commerce services, thus drawing even more attention to their mobile commerce endeavors.

Businesses becoming more accommodating of mobile consumers

As the UK continues to embrace mobile commerce, the business world is beginning to transform. Companies are beginning to take mobile consumers more seriously, adopting services that are align better with the demands of these consumers. They are also beginning to improve their mobile security measures in order to grow consumer confidence in mobile commerce. As mobile technology continues to grow in popularity, businesses have also begun adopting social media marketing as a powerful tool to get the attention of mobile consumers.