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QR codes allow milk cartons to provide product transparency

Greatview Aseptic Packaging will allow consumers to trace their products back to the source.

Customers shopping for certain brands of milk will soon be able to scan QR codes printed on their cartons in order to be able to learn about the history of that specific product, right back to its beginnings.

These quick response codes are the result of a new program through Greatview Aseptic Packaging.

This company is the second largest roll-fed aseptic carton packaging material supplier in the world. It has made it possible to add traceable unique QR codes to its cartons by working along with other parts of the supply chain, WeChat (from Tencent) and RT-Mart (from Mengniu), the Chinese retailer. In this way, it has been able to add the Traceable+ feature to the “Selected Meadow” brand of milk.

Customers can use their smartphones to scan the QR codes to trace their milk products back to their origins.

qr codes and productsBy doing this, they will not only be able to learn about the specific milk carton that they have scanned, and its history, but they can also receive additional value added services such as price discounts. This effort by Greatview is meant to benefit both the consumer and the supply chain and producers by providing targeted advertising opportunities unlike those that are currently available.

The Mengniu COO, Bai Ying, explained that “Our partnership with Greatview, WeChat and RT-Mart has been inspired by China’s ‘Internet Plus’ strategy, which aims to integrate the internet with traditional industries. For consumers, our new offering means a more comprehensive user experience, while for us it represents a window for leveraging a fully functional big data platform.”

The Greatview CEO, Jeff Bi, also explained that the Food Safety Law in China now states that manufacturers are responsible for the creation of complete traceability systems for their supply chains. By implementing the QR codes on milk cartons, the company has been able to not only comply with this upcoming law, but it also makes it possible for producers and consumers to benefit from what it has to provide in terms of both information and advertising.

Company aims to make QR codes relevant as well as popular

unique qr codesConsumers are familiar with the small, squared QR codes on many products and in advertising, but often do not feel motivated to scan the code with their smartphone. A new company aims to not only change the look of the code, but also to make it more relevant so that consumers are more likely to scan.

Visualead and QR codes

Even if consumers do not know what QR code does, they have probably noticed it in various places like in advertising and on products. Those that have used it have been somewhat disappointed in the results and are reluctant to waste time doing it again. However, Visualead wants to change all of that by making QR more useful and even more profitable for businesses. Most consumers are not even aware of what the code can actually do.

New, improved QR code

Those who have seen QR code know the code has little to be desired in looks. The code is often in black and white and is comprised of small squares. The look is not very appealing. In most uses, these are scanned to give more details about a product or service but they rarely went any further than that. Some offered sales information and some are used for rewards programs, but consumers mostly ignore them. Visualead has devised a new, much more appealing appearance for QR code by blending it with the company logo while still keeping the components needed to make sure the code works.

The trick for Visualead has been to make sure the code and image are appealing without rendering the code useless. They have worked code into artwork and Logos for many well-known companies and even into pictures intended for use on Facebook. Visualead saw more than 300,000 scans in a very short and very limited test run.

Off and running

Investors have taken notice of the success of that limited trail run. Thanks to that success, Visualead has secured substantial backing and has begun the search for advertisers and companies that could benefit from what they have to offer. Not only could the new QR code be good for the typical uses, it could also, through the work of this company, see a consumer from introduction to a product to a final sale, all through a simple QR code scan.