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PayPal claims NFC technology is hurting retail

PayPal snubs nfc technologyPayPal continues to snub NFC technology in mobile commerce

It is no secret that PayPal is not a fan of NFC technology. The technology enables mobile devices to collect and distribute information over very short distances. While the technology has seen use in marketing, its most well known for its uses in mobile commerce. NFC technology can effectively turn any mobile device into a payment platform, allowing consumers to make purchases for goods and services using nothing but their smart phones or tablets. While the concept of mobile commerce has becoming very attractive to consumers, PayPal believes that its reliance on NFC technology is a fallacy.

Use of NFC technology may lead to failure

In the past, PayPal has been somewhat outspoken in its opposition of NFC technology. Recently, however, the company has been growing more aggressive in its stance on the matter. According to David Marcus, president of PayPal, the technology may actually be harmful for the retail industry, which has come to embrace mobile commerce in a big way. Marcus suggests that NFC is not the right technology to facilitate mobile payments from consumers and that the more retailers focus on its use, the more likely they are to meet failure.

Poor experiences create tension in mobile commerce

Marcus suggests that NFC technology created a very limited experience for consumers, especially with their relationship to a retailer. Despite the somewhat simplistic nature of NFC technology, Marcus claims that consumers often have a bad experience when making purchases with NFC-enabled devices at retail stores. The president of PayPal notes that this experience is largely due to the fact that consumers are forced to make use of physical NFC terminals in order to make a purchase, rather than make purchases wherever they are using their Internet connection on their smart phone or tablet.

PayPal investing in alternative solution

PayPal has been investing heavily in an alternative to NFC technology. The company has been working on building a multi-channel solution that will allow consumers to make mobile payments without having to interact with a physical terminal or checkout system. The solution that the company has been investing in is meant to facilitate payments in-store and online, providing consumers with more flexibility in their mobile commerce interests.

PayPal expanding availability of mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet PayPalPayPal announces retail expansion of its mobile wallet service

PayPal has announced that it is expanding its mobile wallet service to five new U.S. retail partners. This will increase the number of stores that accept mobile payments using the PayPal mobile wallet to 18,000 nationwide. PayPal has shown an intense interest in mobile commerce over the past year, hoping to engage a new generation of consumers that prefer to make purchases using their mobile device rather than traditional forms of payment. PayPal is one of the few companies that is ideally suited for the emerging mobile commerce arena because of its longstanding focus on digital commerce.

Company signs new deals with several retailers

PayPal has signed new agreements with RadioShack, Dollar General, Famous Footwear, Mapco Express, and Spartan Stores, as well as two other retailers that have not yet been identified. These stores will feature support for PayPal’s mobile commerce processing technology, which will allow consumers to purchase products using their smart phone with funds that are associated with their PayPal account.

Mobile wallet from PayPal avoids NFC technology

PayPal launched its mobile wallet in early 2012 to a limited market. The company has been testing the mobile commerce waters ever since, making modest advances in its hold on the market and showing caution in terms of consumer security. Notably, PayPal’s mobile wallet does not support NFC technology, which has become a common foundation for the mobile commerce sector. This is because PayPal was unconvinced of the security features that were associated with the technology, opting instead to institute its own technology and software to ensure the protection of its customers.

Success of mobile wallet may put PayPal on par with Google and Isis

The company has been championing its alternative to NFC technology for several months, suggesting that it provides consumers with a more secure way to participate in mobile commerce. By expanding its retail partnerships, PayPal is looking to make its wallet more available to a wider audience. If the company’s service continues to provide successful, PayPal may soon emerge as a major competitor with others in the mobile commerce sector, such as Google and Isis.