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Mobile payments test to be launched by banks in the Netherlands

The trial is scheduled to run for three months in order to investigate its potential successes.

A number of banks in the Netherlands, including Rabobank, Amro, ING, and ABN, are working with MasterCard, the city of Leiden, and KPN (a mobile operator), in order to launch a new mobile payments program.

According to a news release, it will involve the participation of 150 different businesses in the city.

The mobile payments trial will also include 1,000 customers. It started on September 2 and will be carefully monitored by all of the involved parties to examine its potential in the country. In order to help to prepare for the program’s soft launch, UL, a security transaction provide, gave its assistance.

Participants in the mobile payments trial will be provided with the technology they need to use it.

mobile payments and bankingThese 1,000 individuals are being given free Samsung Galaxy Express devices that have their own banks’ app pre-loaded for their use. This helps to make sure that the participating banks, city, and other organizations will know that the participants have the necessary devices and applications to be able to use the mobile payments transactions when they want to.

According to the partners within the news release, “An extremely varied selection of businesses are taking part, ranging from smaller shops to large retail chains, including department stores, supermarkets, retail outlets and bars and restaurants.” This will help the organizations to be able to gain a better understanding as to when and where the mobile payments are being used by the participants in the trial program.

It was also pointed out that the Dutch railway company, NS, as well as the shops within the city’s railway station will also be taking part in the introduction of the mobile payments solution. The news release explained that “After the introduction period, each bank will determine individually whether, and how, it will offer this form of payment to customers.”

Many countries are beginning to make broad scale efforts to introduce mobile payments and encourage the use of these transactions so that they can take even greater steps toward cashless societies.

NFC technology to be used for mobile payments test

NFC Technology Dutch Banks Mobile PaymentsDutch banks have partnered up in order to give near field communication transactions a trial run.

Three Dutch banks have partnered together in order to run and observe a pilot program that will use NFC technology that they may then implement in order to provide their customers with mobile payments options.

This new test will involve the participation of two other large companies as well.

Both the wireless carrier called KPN, and the credit card giant, MasterCard, will be joining up with the three banks in the Netherlands in order to run the trial period. This will help them to investigate the use, success, and potential adoption rate that can be expected from a mobile wallet that is based on NFC technology in the country.

The banks involved in this NFC technology pilot program include ING, ABN Amro, and Rabobank.

The NFC technology mobile payments pilot program is expected to begin during this upcoming summer. It will involve the participation of a select group of individuals in Leiden, Netherlands. These people will be offered a mobile wallet that uses the near field communication tech in order to allow them to make payments using their smartphones.

The test itself will be conducted by Mobile Payment Netherlands, which is a venture that is backed by the three banks that are involved in this trial period. The test group of individual participants will include 1,000 people who already have accounts with at least one of the three participating banks. They will be given the opportunity to use their NFC technology enabled smartphones in order to make payments when they are purchasing products and services from various locations around their city.

The Mobile Payments Netherlands initiative through the three banks that have partnered together in this effort are what is left of the so-called “Sixpack” of Dutch banks and carriers that had initially come together in 2011 in order to build a solid infrastructure for smartphone transactions within the country. Last year, that original group fell apart, but it has partially rebuilt itself in this latest project through the smaller number of participants.

Each of the Dutch banks will be performing their own assessments of the NFC technology based pilot program in order to be able to create their unique individual strategies for mobile payments.