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McAfee updates mobile security suite


McAfee Mobile Security platform gets new features

McAfee, a leading developer of sMobile Security Technologyecurity solutions, has released an enhanced version of its McAfee Mobile Security platform. The new version of the application features the App Lock service, which is designed to protect a mobile consumer’s privacy while using their smart phone or tablet. The updated McAfee Mobile Security platform also introduces a more streamlined user interface, which is expected to make it easier for mobile consumers to navigate the application’s various features.

Mobile security becoming a growing concern for consumers

Mobile security is becoming a serious issue for mobile consumers around the world. A growing number of people are using their mobile devices to keep track of vital information and to keep track of their finances. This makes these devices very attractive targets for hackers who are keen to exploit this information for personal gain. McAfee, as well as other security companies, have been urging consumers to ensure that their mobile devices are as secure as possible, making use of one or more of the security applications available to them.

App Lock protects popular applications

The McAfee Mobile Security App Lock feature provides consumers with a way to protect their privacy by preventing the malicious use of some of the world’s most popular mobile applications. These applications include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. These applications are often targeted by hackers in order to gain access to sensitive information. The App Lock feature literally locks these applications, preventing them from being used without authorization from their owner. McAfee believes that the App Lock feature is another layer of protection that consumers can use to ensure the security of their mobile device.

Platform provides array of active protection

The McAfee Mobile Security platform also offers a range of anti-virus and anti-malware features, as well as protection against theft through a comprehensive back-up data storage service. The platform actively monitors a mobile device to guard against mobile security breaches and can also warn consumers of websites that are known to host malicious content.

National Cyber Security Alliance survey highlights mobile security


National Cyber Security Alliance predicts consumers becoming more concerned over security

Black Friday is widely known mobile securityas a day when retailers offer major deals and discounts on a wide variety of products. As the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the most important day in the retail industry, in terms of business. The following Monday is known as Cyber Monday, largely due to the fact that a wide range of electronics go on sale in a move that is very similar to what occurs in the retail industry on Black Friday. A new survey from the National Cyber Security Alliances and McAfee suggests that these two shopping holidays could mean major security issues for consumers.

Data breaches leave many consumers leery of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is expected to play a major role in t his year’s holiday shopping. More consumers have access to smart phones and other mobile devices as well as mobile payment platforms that make it easier to purchase goods. These platforms could be a major boon for some shoppers that have trouble finding the products they want, or those than want to avoid long lines and make a purchase quickly and efficiently. The survey from the National Cyber Security Alliance shows that the vast majority of these consumers do not feel safe while they are online on their mobile devices, however.

National Cyber Security Alliance survey shows majority of consumers do not feel safe online

The survey notes that 90% of mobile consumers do not feel safe when shopping online through their mobile device. The National Cyber Security Alliance notes that over the past year, one in four consumers received notifications from businesses that informed them that their personal information has been lost of compromised due to data breach. These data breaches have left many consumers wary of online shopping and mobile commerce. While many consumers are still inclined to participate in mobile commerce, the survey suggests that these consumers should take steps to ensure their information is protected.

Consumers can take steps to protect their information

There are several ways consumers can keep their financial information safe without relying on other companies to do all the work for them. One way is to ensure that a smart phones or mobile device is free from all malicious content. This can be done using anti-virus software that is made specifically for mobile devices. Keeping an eye on what kind of information companies collect through mobile transactions is also a good way to know what information may be put at risk. Consumers can control what information they share, thus mitigating any risk they may face.