Mobile Marketing Small BusinessShops are finding empowerment in the ability to advertise and promote through consumer smartphones.

Double Linx has just released a new report that has pointed out that mobile marketing is providing small businesses with the opportunity to experience much faster growth than they have without it.

This point was underscored in the study when it occurred over the use of top social media channels.

The report suggested that if a business fails to take steps into mobile marketing, its potential may not be as great. The reason is that there will be an entire world of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter fans that may not be reached at all, even when they are each holding a device that could be used to communicate with them all at any given time.

The report says that 80 percent of small businesses who use mobile marketing see new business growth.

The publication drew attention to the results of a Group study that indicated that four out of every five small businesses employing mobile marketing techniques have also experienced increases in the levels of their new business. This is similar to the findings that have been produced by IDC, which have suggested that Facebook is holding its position as one of the leading three purposes for which consumers use their smartphones.

Similarly, over 70 percent of all of the people from the IDC survey had used Facebook that day. The majority of them used their devices to access the social network several times per day.

The Double Linx report said that “The results have surprised some given the sheer volume of use the networking site has, and indicates that the group of Facebook users provides a huge growth opportunity for a wide array of businesses who have the savvy to utilize the survive properly.” It went on to say that the number that go on to take advantage of this mobile marketing opportunity above and beyond the basics and take off above that point will be the ones that will see the largest growth in their business demographic.

They pointed out that mobile marketing will become a central part of the success of the businesses that use it.