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Mobile marketing is proving to be difficult, even for the pros

Marketers hare having a hard time trying to master advertising over smartphones and tablets.

According to recent data published in a report from DialogTech Insights, mobile marketing is causing quite a bit of challenge for marketers that are hoping to be able to reach consumers over their favorite devices.

The issue is primarily stemming from a lack of metrics to show whether or not their efforts are working.

The data from the firm said that mobile search and landing pages are bringing about a combined 81 percent of all calls for their customers. Equally, another 18.7 percent have been driven by mobile display and social. That said, when call attribution has not been established, mobile marketing companies don’t catch 49 percent of the conversions over smartphones and tablets. This brings about an inaccurate understanding of their return on investment (ROI) figures, and it places the optimization of their campaigns at risk.

This is happening despite the fact that mobile marketing sources have grown by 34 percent in half a year.

Mobile Marketing Proves DifficultOver the last complete year, there was a 77 percent increase recorded by the firm’s report. That report was based on an analysis of over 400,000 inbound calls that were placed to companies, and more than 60 million website sessions that had been tracked through the DialogTech platform called Voice360. That platform boasts more than 5,000 active customers spanning 35 different industries.

The data analysis in the report indicated that despite the fact that conversion rates are still significantly varied based on issues such as product and industry, the firm determined that there is an average 2.4 percent web form conversion rate on landing pages.

The DialogTech senior vice president of marketing, strategy, and analytics, Steve Griffiths, explained that “Call tracking is a form of lead attribution and marketing analytics technology marketers use it to track inbound phone calls back to the specific marketing source that originated them.” This means that call tracking makes it possible for mobile marketing companies to better understand their campaigns, ads, and keyword searches, as well as online and offline sources. A better understanding enhances the ability for optimization.

Mobile marketing offers considerable opportunity for brands, says Nielsen

The majority of marketers have already felt this way, but a new report has confirmed these beliefs.

Mobile marketing has been moving at full steam ahead for some time now, but a new report that has been released by Nielsen is showing that this channel is offering brands a considerable opportunity that should not be missed.

The primary struggle is related to the fact that this type of advertising and promoting is still new.

At the moment, while it is known that there is a considerable amount of opportunity available for brands who use mobile marketing, the problem is that knowing exactly how to engage in the channel leaves many marketers feeling confused about best practices. It has already been discovered that the techniques for advertising are notably different over smartphones and tablets from what they have been over television, radio, and even the standard web.

Right now, one of the largest mobile marketing challenges is measuring the success of a campaign.

Mobile Marketing ReportCurrently, the ability to measure the effectiveness of a given mobile advertising effort has been inconsistent, at best. This produces an important barrier to growth over this channel. At the same time, the Nielsen survey showed that smartphone marketing is ready to become a fully mainstream channel that will parallel television. The research indicates the opinions of media providers, advertisers, as well as agencies, when it comes to brand advertising over smartphones and tablets. It also looks into the issues that must be addressed in order to allow it to effectively grow.

The Nielsen report said that “Marketers are deploying mobile campaigns on their own as well as a complement to other media. However, it’s this pairing of mobile with other mediums and focus on branding that gives rise to advertisers’ biggest mobile pain points.”

Addressing the disconnect that is currently being experienced over this channel will be highly rewarding for mobile marketing as a whole, as advertisers learn to calculate their campaign ROI and develop the proper metrics that will provide them with the ability to measure their successes. Once those two primary obstacles have been overcome, the channel will easily slip into the mainstream.