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Unity shows support for mobile games

Mobile games continue to establish presence in game industry

The mobile space is becoming more active in the realm of gaming. Mobile games have come to play a vital role in the overall game industry, partly due to the money these games are able to pull in. In the past, developers focused on mobile games had faced several challenges in bringing their creations to the market. Many of these challenges were rooted in the lack of tools that developers had at their disposal. As mobile games continue to show their worth, larger companies in the game industry are beginning to show more favor for this sector and provide developers with the tools they need to produce groundbreaking games.

Unity sets sights on mobile space

Unity Technologies is a powerful name in the game industry, if somewhat unknown to the general consumer. The company is responsible for the Unity game engine, which is used to power many games across many different platforms. Unity has become a very valuable tool for independent game developers because it offers a wide array of resources and formidable power, giving these developers a chance to create games that are on par with larger development studios. A large Mobile Games Supportportion of the independent development scene is devoted to mobile games, and Unity has long held an interest in this sector.

Unity engine now available to independent mobile developers

This week, Unity has announced that developers using its engine will be able to publish their games to mobile platforms for free. In the past, publishing games to these platforms cost approximately $800, but Unity has determined that the thriving independent development community represents a great deal of economic promise. The company is interested in making its tools as available to the game industry as possible and expects to see a new generation of mobile games come to the market soon.

Mobile games continue to attract support in the game industry

Unity is among the most popular game engines in the game industry. Developers large and small use the engine to power a wide assortment of games. Mobile games could benefit from the capabilities of the Unity engine as it would allow these games to feature more dynamic content as well as higher quality visuals.

Mobile games may be the doom of consoles

Mobile games doom of consolesMobile games have caused a shift in the game industry

The game industry is beginning to shift and that has one of the largest game publishers in the world somewhat worried. Activision, which is second only to Nintendo in terms of revenue, has taken note of the stunning rise of mobile games. These games have proven to be rampantly popular with consumers of all ages and have become a very lucrative sector for the game industry as a whole. Normally, this would not be a problem as more people playing games could be considered a boon for the industry. What has Activision worried, however, is that mobile games may soon cut into the console market.

Activision foresees turbulence ahead

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has been expressing his concerns regarding the console market recently. Consoles are currently trapped in a state of limbo, lingering between old technologies and the emergence of next generation consoles that have yet to hit the market. The current console generation has been successful for the game industry, but many believe that it has lingered too long, creating stagnation in the market and causing consumer interest to evaporate. This problem is being exacerbated by mobile games.

Mobile games expected to cut into console market share

According to Kotick, mobile games are beginning to become a serious issue for the console market. iPhones and Android devices are becoming much more popular and available to consumers. These devices are often used to play games and most of these games can be acquired for free or at a very low price, unlike console titles that typically cost $50 or more. Because of the price and convenience associated with mobile games, Kotick believes that more gamers may soon be inclined to play on mobile devices rather than actual consoles, especially as next generation consoles are expected to come at a high cost to the consumer.

Nintendo takes note of popularity of mobile games as well

Kotick has been using Nintendo’s Wii U as an example of the turbulence next generation consoles are likely to see. The Wii U is the first of this new generation, but has performed poorly in the global market. Nintendo recently acknowledged the lackluster performance of the Wii U and has been considering a foray into bring mobile games to the console in order to make it more appealing to modern gamers around the world.