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Technology news report shows over 140 million in US have smartphones

A recent study has shown that the number of these device owners in the country is rapidly growing.

comScore has just released the data of its latest technology news study, called the MobiLens service, which has revealed considerable insight regarding trends in the American smartphone industry.

The most recent report has focused specifically on the three month period that finished at the end of May 2013.

Among all of the smartphone manufacturers, the technology news from Apple was in the lead, as that company was the one with the largest share of the OEM market, at 39 percent. The top platform, on the other hand, was Google Android, which held 52 percent of the platform market share in the United States.

The most significant discovery that was shared by the technology news report, however, was in the growth of ownership.

Technology News - Mobile ReportThe comScore technology news report indicated that there continues to be impressive growth of the smartphone audience in the United States. In fact, at the time of the study, there were an estimated 141 million people in the country who owned smartphones. This represented a mobile market penetration in the country of an astounding 59 percent.

The research examined the growth throughout the entire three month period that ended in May, and not just the time as a whole. For instance, it noted that at the beginning of the research, in February, the penetration in the market in the United States was a full 6 percent lower than it was at the end. That represents a massive amount of growth throughout that short time.

The top OEM was Apple, which held 39.32 percent of American smartphone subscribers. In second place was Samsung, which was considerably behind Apple, with a market share of 23 percent. In third place, well behind Samsung, was HTC, which held its own market share at 8.7 percent. In fourth place, Motorola wasn’t that far behind HTC, at 7,8 percent. Finally, in fifth place, LG had 6.7 percent of the market in the U.S. This technology news is bound to shift again over the next few months if the trend revealed in this study is continued.

Technology trends and those ‘born mobile’

mobile technology trendsWhen thinking of mobile and cellular technology, consumers typically think of their laptop with WIFI, their phone, and possibly tablets like the iPad. However, technology trends all point to mobile capabilities creeping up everywhere leading to a new generation that will never know a life that is not ultra connected to the rest of the world.

Technology trends in every sector

This years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was all about the vast expansion of mobile technologies into every aspect of life and how the next generation will rely on mobile connectivity like never before. Keynote speaker for the event was chief executive of Qualcomm, Paul Jacobs. Qualcomm has produced chips for 11 billion devices but is hardly the household name like Microsoft, which handled keynotes in the recent past.

Mobile life is now not just about the mobile phone or the iPad. Technology trends already see this type of technology and connectivity in the workplace, healthcare, cars, movies, and televisions. Gaming uses it, as many game consoles connect to the internet and are used for more than just playing simple video games. Some believe that mobile will even some day play a part in our bodies. Mobile commerce is also on the rise, making paying for everyday items without cash something anyone with a smartphone can do.

Mobilizing the young

CES started out with actors playing the roles of some of the people society may find most annoying whether in line for coffee or waiting for a subway. Some roles included the geeky gamer with a surfer dialog, the young girl that believes everything that happens deserves the “OMG” treatment, and many more. They seem unrelated, but they all shared the same trait, being born into a world where mobile technology trends are here to stay.

With close to 85 percent of people around the world stating that they could not see a day through without accessing their mobile device, it is clear to see this is not just in the U.S. but everywhere. Smartphone technology is so common that consumers will see it in more and more aspects of their lives, as in things like Google’s Project Glass smart glasses, digital cameras, and smarter TVs.