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Mobile commerce through social shopping to see sizable growth in Asia

Masaya Ueno, the director of Rakuten Asia has released a promising prediction for 2015 trends.

Rakuten, the massive e-commerce giant from Japan, has now released an official statement that has revealed that it has brought in $1.1 billion worth of revenue in Singapore via mobile commerce channels.

The company therefore feels that the Singapore market is a tremendously promising one for next year.

The director of Rakuten Asia, Masaya Ueno, who is also the company’s Country Manager for Singapore and the Head of the Business Development Division, explained that the country’s tremendous 80 percent adoption rate of smartphones has made it ready for a great deal more growth in mobile commerce. Smartphone shopping is already quite common in the country but the company feels that there remains a great deal more room for growth to continue throughout 2015.

The larger smartphones, nicknamed “phablets” are being called a driving force behind this mobile commerce trend.

Mobile Commerce Growth in AsiaAccording to Masaya Ueno, “Apple’s entry into the Phablet market with the iPhone 6 Plus and the launch of other phablets flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will help to drive the adoption of mobile shopping is Singapore as well.”

At the same time, Rakuten’s forecast also explained that the focus on ‘mobile-first’ is also spreading throughout the Asian Pacific region, where many consumers use their smartphones as their exclusive method of accessing the internet. The prediction underscored the fact that this will be an important m-commerce factor in 2015, as it shows that the trend in mobile shopping will not be exclusive to Singapore, but will also have considerable potential in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Rakuten explained that this mobile technology trend should be telling retailers that they simply cannot think that they can continue to ignore this fast moving segment of m-commerce, as consumers throughout that region turn away from their desktops in favor of their smaller screen handsets.

The Rakuten prediction is that far more retailers will rapidly begin an investment into mobile commerce in both the marketing and retail efforts, and that this will be easily seen in all of 2015.

GfK Group study highlights promise of mobile commerce in Singapore


Mobile Commerce SingaporeGfK Group releases new study concerning mobile commerce

The holiday season is here and that could mean major success for retailers looking to cater to the growing number of mobile consumers. A new study from the GfK Group, a consumer research agency, suggests that shoppers are planning to rely heavily on their mobile devices during the holiday season, at least in Singapore. Though the study focuses on Singaporean consumers, the trend of consumers relying on their mobile devices for commerce and online shopping can be seen all over the world.

Study shows online shopping could save consumers time and net retailers more money

According to the study, online shopping could save consumers as much as 45 hours, much of which is standing in line or waiting for service. This time equates to approximately $1,400, suggesting that retailers lose a significant amount of money if consumers lose time. The study also found that approximately 43% of all Singapore consumers are using their smart phones and tablets to find the products that they are interested in, a promising sign for mobile commerce.

Singapore proves to be promising mobile market

The GfK Group study notes that mobile commerce is growing in Singapore, and elsewhere. In Singapore, 78% of consumers use mobile applications to access online retail stores, with a sizeable portion of these people using these applications to purchase products. Singapore is one of the most promising mobile markets in the world, with a smart phone penetration of over 88%. This is part of the reason why companies interested in mobile commerce are so eager to establish themselves in the country.

GfK Group study commissioned by PayPal

The GfK Group study was commissioned by PayPal. The company has already established a powerful presence in the realm of commerce, but has been working to appeal to mobile consumers in a more appealing fashion. The company has been tracking the demand for mobile commerce services over the years and is positioning itself to meet these demands around the world.