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MasterPass mobile payments available in-car with GM OnStar

Drivers will soon be able to complete secure purchase transactions from within their vehicles.

A recent announcement has revealed that OnStar will soon allow drivers to make MasterPass mobile payments in GM vehicles. OnStar is a General Motors subsidiary and offers a subscription-based in-car communication service.

The mobile payments service was created in collaboration with IBM and will be available in several 2017 GM vehicles.

The service let drivers use their MasterPass mobile payments accounts to buy products and services. The transaction will run via OnStar and will be embedded within “many GM vehicles” next year.

MasterPass mobile payments - Mobile Phone and DriverA statement from MasterCard said: “By embedding MasterPass within OnStar Go, MasterCard will enable drivers and passengers to safely make secure and seamless payments for goods and services using credit or debit cards stored within their MasterPass wallet.”

This MasterPass mobile payments service will make it possible for merchants to provide a more connected experience.

In combination with IBM Watson, the OnStar mobile wallet service will develop new “connected driving experiences.” For instance, if the driver decides to buy a take-out breakfast from one of the restaurants on the OnStar Go merchant marketplace, new options would become available. That restaurant could, for example, ask the driver about ordering certain menu items based on purchases previously made there.

Consumers can make their orders ahead of time and checkout through the MasterPass service within their vehicles. They can then drive to the store or restaurant location to pick up the order. Since the transaction has already been handled through OnStar, that step needn’t be taken in-store. This helps to reduce the amount of time needed in order to make a purchase, providing a smoother experience.

Over time, as the driver continues to use MasterPass mobile payments, the merchants from whom the consumer makes purchases will be able to identify that individual’s shopping trends. This will make it possible for merchants to craft offers that are personalized to the unique preferences of each shopper. With customized and relevant marketing, consumers may find the offers they receive to be more appealing and may act on them on a more regular basis.

Mobile wallets are becoming a big deal for Visa and MasterCard

As mobile commerce continues to thrive, digital wallets are becoming more important

Mobile wallets may soon be the way of the future. A growing number of applications that are designed specifically to store financial information and data provided by retailers are emerging in the mobile space. These apps are thriving in the popularity of mobile commerce, finding support among consumers that want to pay for products using nothing more than their smartphones and tablets. For Visa and MasterCard, the mobile wallet holds a great deal of promise, but both companies are finding it difficult to engage mobile consumers effectively.

Visa is trying to form a direct connection with consumers

Both Visa and MasterCard have their own mobile commerce services on offer. Visa’s Checkout service was introduced in July and is meant to replace the company’s old digital wallet. Using the service, consumers will be able to pay for goods and services using data on their mobile devices. Visa is using its marketing clout to promote this new mobile wallet, but whether or not the service will prove popular among consumers has yet to be seen. Visa is currently struggling to form a direct connection with consumers, having focused so heavily on its relationship with businesses.

MasterCard wants businesses to integrate its digital wallet

Mobile Wallets - MasterCard and VisaMasterCard is offering a similar service with its MasterPass platform. The MasterPass application is meant to help make e-commerce more convenient to consumers, but MasterCard is not likely to try to form a direct connection with people using the app. Instead, the company is likely to continue focusing its efforts on providing services to its business partners, allowing them to connect with mobile consumers more dynamically. For MasterCard, creating something new is not the priority. The company wants to see its MasterPass service integrated into existing platforms.

Mobile wallets could be the key to omnichannel engagement

Merchants are working to adapt to the idea of omnichannel engagement. In a world where mobile technology has become so prominent, this has proven to be a difficult task. Connecting with mobile consumers is a complicated issue, but mobile wallets may be the key to success in this endeavor. In the coming years, more people are likely to be engaged in mobile commerce, and they will need digital wallets to make their experiences enjoyable.