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New mobile commerce service may be coming to Hong Kong

SmarTone plans to launch a new service later this year

SmarTone Telecommunications, a mobile network operator in Hong Kong, has plans to play a larger role in the mobile commerce space. The company is expected to launch a new service called “Kiss” later this year, which will allow consumers to use their mobile devices to pay for goods at physical stores as well as online. SmarTone has been signing up retailers that will be using the service as a way to better engage mobile consumers.

Kiss could become a popular tool for retailers

Kiss has been in development for the past two years and the platform may be ready for launch in December. There may be licensing opportunities for Kiss as well, especially as more organizations become interested in mobile commerce in an attempt to cater to consumers with smartphones and tablets. Merchants using the service will be charged a monthly fee and they will be able to use the Kiss platform to establish mobile storefronts that make it easier for consumers to shop with their smartphones.

Retailers are looking for ways to engage mobile consumers

Mobile Commerce - Hong KongThere is a great deal of competition in the mobile commerce market. Retailers have been looking for new ways to engage consumers that are becoming heavily reliant on their smartphones. These consumers are using their devices to shop online for products that they are interested in. Mobile shopping is particularly popular among those with long commutes, as it enables them to get their shopping done without having to visit physical stores.

Retailers are showing more interest in getting involved in mobile commerce

Engaging mobile consumers is becoming an important priority for retailers. In the past, retailers had little interest in the mobile space, as they had relatively low knowledge of mobile commerce. Now, however, retailers are turning to companies like SmarTone in order to connect with consumers in a more dynamic way. Mobile network operators are beginning to play a bigger role in the mobile commerce space as well, as they have begun to see promising opportunities to provide valuable services to consumers and businesses alike.

New mobile payments service launched in Hong Kong

Hong Kong residents now have access to new mobile payments service

A new mobile payments service has been launched in Hong Kong by Hang Seng Bank. The service leverages NFC technology to allow consumers to purchase goods from more than 1,000 outlets throughout Hong Kong. This service is one among several that have been introduced to Hong Kong in recent months, but Hang Seng aims to establish the service as a leader among consumers, a growing number of whom are demanding comprehensive and convenient mobile payments platforms.

Interest in mobile commerce rising among consumers

Hong Kong has long been an economic hub and home to tech-savvy consumers of all kinds. Consumers in Hong Kong have been very receptive of mobile commerce over the past few years, largely due to their interests in mobile technology and the high penetration of smartphones and tablets. These consumers particular favor online shopping, which is considered relatively convenient when conducted over a mobile device. Therefore, mobile payments have managed to establish a favored place with consumers.

Service leverages capabilities of NFC technology

The new mobile payments service is based entirely on NFC technology. That means that only NFC-enabled mobile devices can make use of the service provided by Hang Seng. These devices are relatively rare, but are becoming significantly more common with every passing month as device makers work to meet the demands of consumers. Currently, the most popular NFC-enabled device happens to be the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung recently released the Galaxy S4, which is also equipped with NFC technology, but this smartphone failed to perform up to the company’s standards in terms of sales.

Hong Kong Mobile Payments

NFC remains popular despite security concerns

Hang Seng believes that its mobile payments service will be well received among consumers. There are concerns regarding its use of NFC technology, however, due to how attractive this technology is to hackers. In the past, NFC technology has been explo

ited to access a consumer’s financial information. Such attacks have won NFC a fairly dubious reputation, but the technology remains one of the cornerstones of mobile payments.