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Mobile commerce reaching new heights in India

Mobile Commerce India GrowthIndia quickly becoming a hub for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is on the rise in India. Online retail giant HomeShop18 is predicting a promising future for mobile commerce throughout India as more consumers get their hands on new smartphones and tablets. These consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of making purchases online, and mobile devices are becoming the ideal platform to do this. HomeShop18 anticipates that mobile commerce will contribute to more than 25% of all online shopping traffic by 2015.

Mobile device penetration growing rapidly

India is home to a massive population. Currently, approximately 70 million smartphone and tablet owners call India home, and many of these consumers enjoy shopping online. HomeShop18 expects that the number of mobile consumers will continue to grow well into the future. According to a recent report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India, more than 165 million people are expected to access the Internet through a mobile device by 2014.

Investors show strong support for mobile payments

Mobile commerce analysts in India suggest that several e-commerce companies in India have raised over $500 million in 2012 in order to make their mobile commerce services more robust. Moreover, e-commerce investments in 2012 grew to $14 billion, up from the $6.3 billion they were in 2011, showing that investors have a strong interest in the mobile commerce initiatives that many online businesses are adopting.

HomeShop18 may establish dominance in Indian mobile commerce

HomeShop18 currently boasts of two mobile applications that can be used for mobile commerce. The retailer has plans to bolster its mobile commerce services in order to appeal to a wider range of consumers in the future. Tapping into these consumers can often be a difficult task, but many Indian consumers have shown an aggressive enthusiasm for participating in mobile commerce and online shopping from the mobile device. If HomeShop18 can beat out the competition it has in the mobile commerce scene, it may become India’s leading mobile shopping platform in the near future.

Mobile commerce initiative launched by HomeShop18

Mobile Commerce HomeShop18Retailer embraces mobile commerce

HomeShop18, a leading online and on-air retail venture in India, has partnered with the Delhi International Airport to introduce its latest initiative, called the Virtual Shopping Wall. Virtual shopping has become a breakout phenomenon in the retail world. With the number of consumers with mobile devices on the rise, retailers have had to find new ways to engage these people. Because mobile consumers are always on the go, a virtual store  could be the ideal way to engage consumers in mobile commerce wherever they are.

Virtual Shopping Wall now open at the Delhi International Airport

The Virtual Shopping Wall has been installed in the Delhi International Airport and features products offered by HomeShop18. The retailer believes that mobile commerce has become a major hit in India and elsewhere. Consumers have shown a great interest in using their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products that they like and HomeShop18 is working to position itself to take advantage of this growing trend.

QR codes used to sell products

Anyone with a smart phone or tablet can make use of the Virtual Shopping Wall. All of the products associated with the virtual store feature their own QR codes. When these codes are scanned with a mobile device, these codes direct consumers to a mobile website where they can purchase the products linked to the QR codes. The codes have long been a powerful marketing tool, but have recently become more prominent in mobile commerce throughout the world. QR codes are quickly establishing themselves as ideal tools for virtual stores and have been used in such initiatives in the past by other retail companies.

Retailer takes steps to ensure mobile commerce is enjoyed by all

HomeShop18 is not simply following a trend it has seen emerge in the retail industry. The retailer has invested heavily in the research and development of its mobile commerce pursuits. Other companies that have taken steps to incorporate mobile commerce services have experienced some complications in their endeavors. HomeShop18 is keen to avoid the pitfalls associated with mobile commerce and has been working to ensure that it can provide the best possible experience for consumers through its Virtual Shopping Wall.