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eBay sees major promise in mobile commerce

ebay mobile commerceMobile commerce is paying off for eBay and PayPal

The world of commerce is changing and for some retailers that is bad news. For others, however, especially those with a strong online presence, mobile commerce is leading to a surge in business. eBay is one such company. The retailer has long boasted of one of the strongest Internet presences in its industry, making its transition into the mobile space very easy. Through the company’s PayPal subsidiary, it is seeing a major growth in business as more consumers begin to participate in mobile commerce.

Report shows PayPal handled more than $14 billion in payment volume in 2012

According to eBay, PayPal handled more than $14 billion in payment volume in 2012, triple the volume it had seen in 2011. A significant portion of this volume came from mobile purchases. eBay expects payment volume to reach $20 billion by the end of 2013, with growth being backed by the growing popularity of mobile commerce. PayPal is on track to catch up with eBay’s Marketplace business, which makes up the bulk of the company’s revenue.

eBay sees growth in its mobile application

Last year, eBay’s mobile application attracted 4.3 million new users, which accounted for $13 billion in merchandise revenue. These consumers have shown a strong interest in purchasing products from eBay using their mobile devices. Mobile commerce appeals to these consumers because they consider it more convenient than traditional forms of commerce. Being able to shop for products using a mobile device allows consumers to find exactly what they are looking for in a fast an efficient manner.

2013 may be a landmark year for mobile commerce

eBay has high hopes for mobile commerce in 2013. Through PayPal, eBay expects to continue establishing a very strong presence in this emerging sector. PayPal is currently developing a new platform to provide consumers with expansive mobile commerce services as well as introduce more security to mobile payments. The company already has a credit card reader than can be attached to any iOS device, which can facilitate mobile transactions.

eBay’s bright mobile commerce future

mobile commerce ebayOnline auction site eBay, Inc is set to become a leader in mobile commerce through auctions as well as Paypal mobile transactions to be processed throughout the coming year.

Mobile commerce for 2013

Market trends for the future can often be found in what people are doing with their mobile phones and other devices. Experts keep a keen eye on the market for trends that point to future success in any sector. Mobile commerce is the hot topic for 2013, with Paypal poised to make record amounts of mobile commerce transactions. eBay has also been successful at integrating mobile capabilities into its auctions, with a full one third of transactions on the site coming from a mobile source.

Established financial institutions like Visa, MasterCard, banks, and Paypal have been projected to be the big winners in mobile commerce in the coming year. Payments can be made by mobile phone by Paypal users, and other institutions are working on or have released similar programs. Paying for auctions with Paypal is commonplace, which means a natural progression towards mobile commerce rewards for all sectors of eBay, Inc.

Mcommerce Predictions

Colin Gillis, analyst at BGC Partners, believes eBay, Inc. is the top dog for e-commerce in 2013. He believes that eBay could one day be worth more than Amazon, a long time top company for online sales. To him, eBay is one of the players that will remain stable and see growth in the coming year, which could pay out in dividends for stockholders.

eBay, Inc. ha shown strong growth in GMV – gross merchandise volume – in the last year and continues to see growth. Some of this growth can be attributed towards new members and an approach to mobile commerce in general. That, along with the projects for Paypal to be a leader in mobile payments, give the company a strong outlook into the new year. Paypal alone is projected to handle over $10 million in mobile payments in the next year. 100 million users have downloaded eBay’s app for mobile phones in the company’s last quarter alone.

Potential problems for eBay include the PayPal Bill Me Later option, which could open up new risks with credit. eBay should also be on the lookout for stiff competition from both online and offline merchants, along with high in-house costs associated with acquisitions.