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Metaio Cloud aims to simplify augmented reality


Augmented Reality Metaio CloudMetaio Cloud introduces cloud-based services

Metaio, a leading developer of augmented reality technology, has been working on a way to make it easier for companies to develop augmented reality campaigns. Earlier this year, the company introduced the Metaio Creator, which simplified the process significantly. Now, Metaio has introduced the Metaio Cloud, which aims to streamline management of augmented reality content across a vast network of mobile applications, ideal for businesses that have a wide reach when it comes to consumers.

Augmented reality gaining ground as a marketing and entertainment tool

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a very popular and powerful marketing tool. Tech-savvy consumers have praised the technology because of its ability to provide them with dynamic content. Mobile applications that incorporate augmented reality in some way often manage to attract aggressive attention from consumers. In the past, it has been difficult for businesses to keep track of the wide range of augmented reality content they provide to consumers. The Metaio Cloud aims to solve this problem by making management much simpler.

Metaio Cloud could be a boon for less-experienced programmers

Metaio is well aware than not everyone is a professional programmer. This does not stop some companies from adopting augmented reality, however, and Metaio is keen to ensure that consumers have a positive experience with the technology no matter which company is making use of it. The Metaio Cloud allows businesses to take advantage of a cloud computing network, which can be quickly accessed to pull resources into an application or other type of platform. The Metaio Cloud allows augmented reality content to be changed and pushed to consumers in real-time without having to submit updates to existing applications to various app stores.

Qualcomm also introduces features to make development simpler

Metaio is not the only player in the augmented reality space that is working on making the technology more accessible to businesses. Qualcomm also has a platform called Vuforia that helps simplify augmented reality content for businesses and consumers. Qualcomm recently introduced a new update to its Vuforia SDK that allows for cloud-based image recognition features for mobile applications developed using the platform.

Mobile commerce firm paythru receives funding from Restoration Alpha Angels


paythru receives strong backing from investor network

A promising mobile commerce platformMobile Commerce UK Paythru Receives Funding in the United Kingdom known as paythru has raised over $900,000 through the R4estoration Alpha Angels investment network. paythru has won the support of investors because of its ambitious growth initiatives as well as the growing popularity of mobile commerce in general. In the United Kingdom, mobile commerce is quickly becoming a lucrative business, and one that could have promising financial prospects for the companies that invest therein.

paythru offers cloud-based mobile commerce

paythru is one of several mobile commerce platforms that is available in the UK market. The platform does something that many others do not, however, in that it offers cloud-based services to consumers. Cloud computing is a relatively new concept that revolves around the use of a large network of computer servers to offer a wide range of services to consumers and businesses. A cloud computing network can often solve some of the problems associated with data storage and security, which is why cloud-based systems are becoming so popular in the realm of mobile commerce.

Cloud computing sidesteps NFC requirements

paythru uses its cloud network to transform a mobile device into a mobile payment platform. This allows consumers with mobile devices to make payments for products using nothing but their smart phone or tablet. Moreover, these devices do not need to be equipped with NFC technology in order to participate in mobile commerce. Much of the mobile commerce sector hinges on NFC technology, which is used to facilitate mobile payments. NFC-enabled devices have been somewhat rare in the global market, thus limiting the growth of mobile commerce. paythru has found a way to solve this problem.

Funding to help firm reach more consumers throughout market

The Restoration Alpha Angels network, which is comprised of investors from Restoration Partners, has poured a significant amount of support behind paythru. Backed by this funding, the firm will be able to expand its reach in the UK market, thereby engaging more consumers and getting these people involved in mobile commerce.