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Mobile games are becoming a big hit in Australia

Mobile Games AustraliaYoung people are becoming enthralled by mobile games

Young consumers represent a very valuable demographic to many businesses around the world. These consumers hold a great deal of purchasing power, even if much of this power is not inherently theirs but that of their parents or guardians. The potential value of young people has long been enough to encourage marketers to reach out and attempt to engage them. In Australia, t he best way to do so may be through the use of mobile games.

Survey highlights the increasing value of mobile

According to the latest survey from Cartoon Network, a growing number of children between the ages of four and 14 are using mobile applications. This is two times higher than the number of children using applications, like mobile games, recorded in a 2011 survey. Of those using mobile applications, the survey shows that most children are accessing an average of 7 applications every month and are doing so mostly through smartphones and tablets that they own. These children also make use of the mobile devices owned by their parents or older siblings.

Mobile games are popular among Australian children

Mobile games are among the most popular applications being used by young people in Australia. These games represent a significant source of entertainment for people of all ages and many games are designed specifically to appeal to a young audience. The survey does show that Internet use is rising rapidly among children, especially those with tablet devices. Approximately 30% of Australia’s children are using tablets to browse the Internet and watch shows that can be found online.

Games represent promising marketing power

Mobile games present several marketing opportunities in and of themselves. These games, many of which are available for free, often feature advertisements that are made to be engaging for children. When clicking on these advertisements, which can easily be done accidentally, advertisers then have access to a consumer’s information, which is shared with them through the mobile games a person is playing.

QR codes used in Australian mobile marketing by Disney

Australia Disney QR Codes Mobile MarketingThe barcodes were used on a virtual shopping wall outside an Australian movie theater.

Disney partnered up with an Australian mid-market retailer called Target for a mobile marketing campaign using QR codes in order to reach children attending a screening of the classic animated film, Cinderella.

The barcodes were mounted on an interactive shopping wall to allow kids to learn about branded products.

The wall was located at a Sydney movie theater. It was geared toward children using their parents smartphones. It displayed a number of branded Disney products that may be of interest to those children and that were being sold at Target. The QR codes allowed the children to learn more about those products so that they could be purchased by their parents.

The QR codes were designed to simultaneously build on the child’s experience and display various products.

The Event Cinema virtual wall was at Sydney’s Castle Hill. This was where the Cinderella was being screened over the weekend. The QR codes were left up only for that one weekend as a deliberate temporary mobile commerce event, and not one that was designed to be permanent. Audience members were able to view various Disney products from Target, such as costumes and DVDs, and allowed them to order them online to be shipped to their homes.

“Like with everything else, young kids will be seeing the movie with their parents, so it’s expected they’ll use their parent’s smartphones to interact with the wall,” said a spokesperson from Disney. When the QR codes on the wall were scanned, they directed the user to the Target website page that was connected to the product next to which the barcode was displayed. They could be scanned either with any free barcode reader, or the Disney Princess Store app.

Disney has been taking several steps into the mobile commerce world, including augmented reality toys, shopping applications, and a number of other efforts. It has also used QR codes for several other purposes, for instance, to connect the user with different types of online content, like videos. However, this is the first time that the company has ever used these barcodes as a virtual store or to help to link consumers directly to a page where they can make a purchase.