Xiaomi may beat Apple in China’s mobile technology market

Apple could face fierce competition as it begins to take the Chinese market more seriously

Apple is beginning to turn its sights to the Chinese market, but the company could face significant competition from Xiaomi. Few people outside of China may be familiar with Xiaomi. The company is a maker of smartphones and other mobile devices that has established a very strong presence in the Chinese market. Analysts at Rosenblatt Securities suggest that Xiaomi has the potential to compete with both Apple and Samsung in China.

Xiaomi manages to outpace Apple when it comes to sales, but lags behind Samsung

Xiaomi is often referred to as the “Apple of China.” This if a lofty title that the company has managed to attain through an aggressive approach to the market. Xiaomi has seen the rapidly growing popularity of mobile technology among consumers and has made efforts to satisfy the demand for smartphones and other devices that offer features that they are interested in, such as mobile commerce support and the ability to share digital content.

Engaging mobile consumers has managed to help Xiaomi find significant success

Mobile technology - Apple faces competitionCurrently, Xiaomi outsells Apple in the Chinese market, but falls behind when compared to Samsung. Many of the devices offered by Xiaomi actually resemble Apple’s iOS devices and the company itself approaches the mobile market in a similar fashion to Apple. When it comes to mobile commerce, however, Xiaomi is somewhat more cavalier than Apple. Apple has only very recently begun entering in to the mobile commerce space, opting to take a slow and caution approach to the market in order to avoid any significant disasters.

Consumers throughout China are becoming more mobile-centric, relying more heavily on mobile technology

Mobile commerce has become quite popular throughout China. Many consumers are opting to shop for and purchase products online from their mobile devices because it is more convenient. Companies that cater to these consumers are beginning to find significant success. Mobile consumers are becoming quite active in the market and are beginning to account for a significant portion of retail sales and revenue in various business sectors.

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