Mobile Commerce - tablets preferred to smartphones for shoppingTablets are eclipsing smartphones in the realm of mobile commerce

Adobe Systems Inc. has released a new study concerning mobile commerce. The study highlights which platform, smartphone or tablet, consumers prefer to use when making online purchases. Mobile commerce involves much more than purchasing products from a mobile device. It also involves shopping, comparing products, and finding the best deals. The study suggests that smartphones may not be up to the task of accommodating the needs of consumers, but tablets may be ideally suited for mobile commerce.

Tablets are catching up to computers

According to the study, the tablet conversion rate is 2.2%, while that of smartphones is only 0.7%. The study notes that computers remain dominant platforms in terms of commerce, but tablets are beginning to catch up due to their portability and ease of use. The study claims that consumers with tablets are as much as three times more likely to purchase products than those using smartphones. This makes tablet consumers a very valuable demographic in the realm of mobile commerce.

iPad proves to be the most popular platform for mobile shopping

Tablets are popular due to their larger, more responsive screens that provide consumers with a better shopping experience. The larger size of tablets makes them more accommodating to conventional websites, allowing consumers to view products without having to struggle with the constrictive size of smartphones. Of the tablets being used for mobile commerce, the iPad represents 77% of the devices used to access the Internet for this purpose.

Retailers may grow more accommodating of tablet devices

Tablets are expected to become the preferred platform for consumers interested in mobile commerce. Smartphones are likely to continue receiving support in this field, but the penchant for consumers to favor their tablets for mobile shopping may cause retailers and other businesses to shift their focus to larger mobile devices.