Project aims to bring Internet access to developing countries throughout the world

Facebook is working to expand mobile Internet access in developing countries. the Company has become involved with, a project that works to make the Internet more accessible throughout the world. Over the past 12 months, the project has brought Internet access to more than 9 million people across 17 developing countries. These countries have limited Internet access due to the costs associated in running an expansive network. Facebook now intends to expand the mobile Internet through the project.

Facebook is adopting a greater focus on the mobile space

Facebook has a strong focus on the mobile space. The social media company has seen a dramatic rise in smartphone ownership throughout the world and many people are now beginning to use their devices to access the social network. Facebook now plans to offer free basic Internet service to mobile users in the 17 countries has had an impact. Providing this service will allow more people to access the social network on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Providing free Internet access could be a good customer acquisition tool

Mobile Internet - FacebookChris Daniels, vice president of product for, notes that the initiative is a customer acquisition tool. The initiative will provide mobile operators with the ability to provide consumers with a small amount of free data in the hopes that these people will be converted to paying subscribers in the near future. According to Facebook, the project has lead to a 50% increase in customer base for mobile network operators.

Expansion of mobile Internet may bring mobile commerce into the forefront

Facebook’s efforts may also lead to the expansion of mobile commerce. As many people are beginning to rely more heavily on using their smartphones to shop, they are using social networks in order to find out more information about products they are interested in. As the mobile Internet continues to expand, consumers are likely to use their access to shop online. Facebook has already begun investing in the mobile commerce space, hoping to provide consumers with the services that can help them shop online.