Security continues to be a major issue for mobile commerce

Focus on mobile identity is growing due to popularity of mobile commerce

Mobile identity is becoming more important to businesses, especially as more consumers around the world begin to rely on smartphones, tablets, and other devices in their daily lives. Market research firm ResearchMOZ has released a new report concerning the growing importance of mobile identity and how businesses are beginning to invest more heavily in biometrics and other such technologies. The report cites the growth of mobile interactions and mobile commerce as the influence behind higher investments in mobile identity.

Companies begin taking security more seriously

Mobile identity is an aspect of security that has become quite important in the world of business as more companies around the world begin to participate in mobile commerce and offer mobile-centric services. Companies are beginning to invest heavily in mobile identity infrastructure as it is being seen as an efficient and economic form of fraud detection and prevention. Mobile identity largely relies on the use of biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanners, to make things like mobile commerce more secure for consumers.

Mobile commerce security too sparse for some consumers

Mobile Commerce and Security IssuesMobile commerce, in particular, could have a lot to gain from businesses focusing more heavily on mobile identity. Mobile commerce has struggled with security issues for much of its existence. Many consumers that have shown interest in shopping for and purchasing products with their mobile devices have expressed concerns regarding the security of their financial information. Mobile commerce has become a popular target for hackers, many of whom are finding it relatively easy to exploit the financial information of consumers. A lack of security can expose companies to significant liability issues, especially when financial information is involved.

Companies seek to make mobile commerce safer

The report notes that companies like Google, Groupon, and Vodafone have made mobile identity a top priority. This is due to the involvement that these companies have in mobile commerce. As businesses begin to invest more heavily in mobile identity, better security systems are expected to begin emerging. Many of these security systems are expected to leverage biometric technology in some way.

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