Scottish mobile commerce to grow by 224% through 2019

Barclays research predicts growth in the Scottish mobile market

The Scottish mobile commerce market is expected to experience strong growth through 2019, according to research from Barclays. More consumers in the country are beginning to use their mobile devices to browse for products on the Internet. The demand for in-store support of mobile payments is also on the rise, as many people use their devices in stores to research products they are interested in purchasing. Over the next few years, the Scottish mobile commerce space is expected to grow by 224%.

Scottish consumers are spending more money through their mobile devices

The research from Barclays predicts that Scottish consumers will spend approximately $2.6 billion in the mobile commerce space ever year through 2019. Despite this growth in mobile spending, retailers in the country are not showing much interest in catering to mobile consumers. Some retailers see little need to purchase and install mobile point-of-sale systems, as mobile shoppers tend to prefer purchasing products over the Internet rather than in physical stores. The problem, however, is that retailers are also not eager to build mobile websites, which can support these shoppers more effectively.


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Consumers are becoming starved for time

Mobile Commerce - ScotlandApproximately 45% of Scottish consumers use their mobile devices to browse for products on the Internet, with the most popular category of products among these consumers being clothing. Barclays suggests that one of the reasons more consumers are embracing mobile commerce is because they are becoming starved for time. Schedules are becoming more packed and consumers have less time to visit physical stores, but mobile devices allow them to do their shopping whenever they want to. This convenience has become one of the major attractors of the mobile commerce space.

Scottish companies are not ready for the mobile space

Retailers need to adapt to the changes being seen in the market in order to continue finding success. Approximately less than 3% of Scottish retailers are prepared to serve mobile consumers, with 70% lacking the mobile websites that can appeal to these consumers. Another 68% of retailers claimed that they do not have a clear plan to engage the mobile market.

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