Mobile security may need more attention in 2015

Mobile security could be put to the test next year as digital threats increase

The past year has been somewhat turbulent in terms of security. Throughout 2014, major security breaches have become headline news and high-profile cyber attacks have highlighted a lack of security that exists in the business world, particularly when it comes to mobile technology. Mobile security is something that receives relatively little attention from consumers, but as more cyber attacks attract attention, many people may be ready to take steps to protect their mobile devices, especially if they are participating in mobile commerce.

High-profile cyber attacks highlight issues regarding mobile security

Large companies like Home Depot, JPMorgan, Target, and Sony have been hit by major cyber attacks over the past year. Hackers managed to steal millions of credit and debit card numbers from these companies, as well as other consumer information. In some cases, malicious parties were able to exploit the lackluster security of mobile services that these companies had been using. As such, the dangers that exist in the mobile commerce space have attracted more attention.

Phishing and malicious software is becoming more common

Online Mobile SecurityIn the coming year, security issues may become more pronounced. According to the Information Security Forum, the problem of mobile phishing is becoming more severe. The organization notes that it has seen a rise in the number of fake emails that alleged to be from companies like Amazon. These emails had sought to gain access to consumer shopping accounts, exploiting these accounts financially. The organization also warns that the number of free-to-use and free-to-modify software could create serious problems for mobile consumers.

Security threats may grow more pronounced, especially in the mobile commerce space

As mobile commerce grows more popular, consumers are having to take security more seriously. Because mobile commerce deals in the trafficking of financial information, it has become an attractive target for those that want to exploit such information. The number of cyber attacks is not expected to go down in 2015, so consumers may have to be more aggressive with their own protection.

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